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Forest trip

5 Grams of dried Mc Kennai.

Where should I start, a friend of mine has a grow kit, it is Mc Kennai. A visual strong shroom. After collage, we went to the forest. Packed with 10 grams of dried Mc Kennai and 4,5 grams of Northern Lights (Weed). We smoked a joint and ate the shrooms (5 gram each, that's about 25 dried shrooms). My friend started tripping after about 20 minutes but I did not see anything, so we decided to take a stroll deeper in to the forest, well after about 20 minutes I started to see some visuals: the ground started to look like it was the sea, had some audio hallucinations on Aphex Twin music but it was not hardcore. At some point we got on a trail for horse riders, you know just sand. I decided to sit down there and my friend did that as well.
This is when shit happened. I saw characters in the ground and they started to morph in to other characters, then the characters gained colours, mostly blue, bright yellow and dark purple, then I looked to the tree tops and they where melting in each other.
We lay down on the ground and I started crying because of the nice things we saw (1st time I had a hard trip). Then we just lay there, in the middle of a trail staring at the trees, my friend saw strange Legend of Zelda figures in the trees and he heard the forest song. Then we saw someone walking towards us so we decided to move on.
We followed the normal forest path leading deeper in to the forest. Then we saw something (this was real) thousands of red ants walking on the path, so I looked around ans saw a giant red ant fortress (real), so we went there and looked at it, it was beautiful. But then the thing happened that fucked my trip up. A men came towards us with his dog and he said we should poke with a stick in the red ant fortress, then he said it will hurt when you get bit by a red ant, my friend who was tripping balls (he had level 5 and I had level 4) was speaking to him but didn't understand him, so he said "Yes, it hurts" But that sounds like he all ready got bitten, witch he was not so the man didn't understand him, my friend was scared because he didn't knew what the man wanted and he taught he was going to get beaten. What was really happening was that a man was walking with his dog in the woods and he saw 2 guys staring at a ant fortress, so he spoke to us about that, he didn't knew we were tripping, so in the middle of the man his sentence, my friend just walked away, so I followed him, and now the funny thing. The dog was following us so the man followed us as well, we kept throwing the ball back towards the man (who was about 50 meters away) and we didn't knew what to do. At a point the men was back at us so the dog went to him and we walked away from them. The only thing that bothered me was, we were lost. We had no idea where we were, but my friend taught I knew the way, witch I didn't. I was getting sober as we were searching for a way out of the forest, but my friends trip got heavier.  We walked about 10 kliomiters till we found a road. I had to ask 2 different people for directions towards our home town, while I was tripping, and one of them came back on her bicycle to tell us what was a better way to walk towards our home town. So she told us we had to take a right turn at a snack bar leading back to the forest, we felt like the forest was holding us there. After another hour of walking we were finally back and I was finally sober again, but my friend wasn't. He tripped another 3,5 hours and he was sober again at 23:30 (11:30 PM), we started tripping at 14:30 (2:30 PM), so it was quite long for us.

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