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Crazy Weed Trip? (First Trip Report)

Best Weed High I've Ever Had?

So me and my friend went up to the park near my house to go smoke some weed out of his mini plastic bong he bought. Beyond the park there is a quarry, which we went to. When we got there we found a good spot in a small pit of rocks where we decided to smoke it. I only had about 1 gram of some busted weed my other friend had gave me at school, but we ended up only doing one bowl because that's all we ended up needing.

I had taken the first hit and it was the biggest, harshest bong hit I've ever had, yet I was already high from it. I only took about 2 more hits because I have this weird thing that's like whenever I'm about to smoke weed or in my first couple of minutes of being high I get a bit worried or anxious or a bit scared, and I don't know why. And, about 2 months ago I had quit MDMA and I recently found out I'm still addicted to it because I think about it all the time, I get flashbacks and my legs tingle all the time like they do when I did it. I don't know if I had an MDMA flashback while I was high on the weed because later we were tripping out.

Anyways, back to the story, after we decided we were done, we left our spot and journeyed back to the park while listening to some Infected Mushroom. So we were walking for about 5 or 10 minutes until we got back to the park. At the park there is a trailer for people to use in the winter for putting skates on since they put up a hockey rink. Surprisingly, we were able to climb up and chill up there. We didn't know what it was but we were actually really high, and it wasn't like any other weed high I've ever had. It actually even felt not like weed at all. We put in some headphones and listened to some trippy music and then stuff started happening.

When I said stuff was happening, I was talking about seeing weird things. I turned on the song Garden of Eden by 1200 Micrograms, and me and my friend both looked up at the sky and saw some geese. They were ordinary geese, but the weird thing was, they were flying in the exact pattern of a diamond chain that kept repeating and repeating. It also looked like they were just randomly appearing from the sky. We look at each other quickly and our headphones fell out, we looked back in the sky and the birds were gone! It was crazy. I started getting worried because I was hallucinating only on a few bong hits.

After that bird situation, we just stared up at the sky and to me it looked like the stars were moving in different directions, and getting closer. My friend started saying that the one really bright star in the middle looked like a meteor and as soon as he said that, all the stars started zooming towards us and I sat up because I got really scared. I looked back up and everything was normal again.

When I was staring at the sky, I also sort of had some kind of a realization which probably isn't true, but I still think about it. I wear glasses, and my friend the other day told me about how scary LSD is and in another conversation told me that if you don't think about yourself and think more for other people you have a robotic mind. I've also been realizing that I don't really live life and I just sit at home. So when I was staring at the sky thinking about all that I, "realizied", that because I look through my glasses all the time, I feel robotic and stuff. And maybe I should take them off more and live life more. It is kind of hard to explain the whole thing, but I still think about it and I'm improving on it.

After all of this, it has only been about an hour, but it felt like way longer than that. We got off the trailer and before, I said that they put up a hockey rink, well there was a circuit box open for the lights and we turned them on and sat on the playstructure. I don't really know why, but just the way the lights were shining was amazing to me. It made me feel so good, like I was on MDMA. I lied down and listened to Killing Time by Infected Mushroom and the speed of the song seemed like it was half the speed it is when I listen to it sober. It was seriously slowed down, and it was weird but I liked it.

We got on our bikes and I suddenly got an adrenaline rush. There is a place where the lights were shining, and if you went out into the field where the baseball diamond is, it gets all dark. So I randomly just biked as fast as I could out on the field, and just seeing the sky and all the stars and the universe got me having the MDMA feeling again, but more powerful. I literally felt like the world was mine and I could do, say, feel and think anything I wanted. It was the greatest feeling I've had in a very long time.

After doing that a couple of times we biked around my neighbourhood and we started coming down. We realized that the whole experience was really weird because our high lasted about 3 hours and my weed highs only usually last around 1 hour. And, when I was coming down I got really upset. I do it all the time recently, I just never want the high to go away and when I feel myself coming down just a little bit I get really upset because that's all I can think about for the next hour and it sucks.

Could somebody please tell me why I had so many MDMA feelings and why my high was so weird and lasted so long. Also, I've been really thinking about trying Shrooms for about a whole year now, but I need someone to answer my questions. Add me on msn, kylergraham@hotmail.com. Thanks :)

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