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Epic Trip

with friends who tripped hard for their first time.

     It’s the morning after and I don't remember too much. So I am trying to write it all down before I forget most of it. Four (for name purposes 1, 2, 3, and me) of us had consumed 2.5g with lemon shots at about 21:00. We played street fighter to pass the time until we would feel mild euphoria. At that time we went walking on a nature and bike trail right behind the apartment we were staying at. About half way down the trail everything seemed to get very hot and the majority of our clothes came off leaving my girl left in her underwear. The feeling of euphoria got us chasing each other around the trail and through the open fields. We started to walk back to the apartments half naked slowly putting on clothes and feeling the best we have ever felt in our lives. Once back (1)'s stomach was hurting like all get out and had him with is head in the toilet for what seemed to me like forever. The apartment stairs were dark and intimidating long and tall and seemed to go on forever which made me change my mind about going to check on him, eventually I went to go do it and he is leaning over the toilet looking kinda sick. Somehow I convince him through pep talk to come down and join the rest of us. As soon as he gets down the stairs he runs out side and throws up very violently. Meanwhile (2) is sitting on the couch and I am trying to pry into his mind. He seemed so happy. He told me that to him the room corners were warping down ward as if each corner was a black whole. I decided to scratch his arm and apparently while doing so my hand felt like it was absorbed into his arm and he freaked out and said not to do it but I kept doing it to see his reactions and every time he pulled his arm back and said no don't. We then went back up those tall stairs and layed down in his room for a bit, where he had a piece of a stop light hooked up. I was lying on the floor with my eyes closed any my hat over my head and forgot about the stop light. I took off the hat and opened my eyes. i felt like I was engulfed by the lght and scream "fuck" really loudly. Once i realized what it was I calmed down. But I felt constrained by the light.

     We sat around inside for some time and I am not sure how long, but (1) got the idea (because of is stonerness) to make a pipe out of a water battle, foil, and electrical tape to smoke the shrooms and he was back up in no time feeling euphoric once again. We ventured out o the apartment again to listen to music in my car and smoke some more shrooms. I closed my eyes and was pulled down into the music (pendulum and infected mushroom). I opened my eyes and saw shadows dancing, fading and moving. It was rather dark out but everything seemed to be a shade of yellow and was the pulled out of the car to go on an adventure. Destined for the rock climbing wall and boulder. (2) brought his long board and was having so much fun on it. He said it was like riding a rocket ship, but to me he was barely moving. I decided to hijack it from him and ride it for a bit. But damn I don't know whether or not I was going as slow as him but I felt like I was riding on a cloud. Normally not that well of on skateboard and long boards I was doing just fine going in and out of the our small group of friends. My girl (3) managed to take it from me when I lost balance and ran into the grass and (2) and I were pushing her. She also felt like she was floating and gliding over the ground. We made an adventure out of it, talking to random people along the way. The green street lights seemed to tint the entire world green for miles. (1) Managed to hitch a ride with this kid he knew abandoning us on our adventure. Its ok he was the mage anyhow. (2) feeling super human decided to chase after the car and managed to keep up with the car for what seemed like the longest time. Out of nowhere he stopped and took off his shoes and started walking back to us claiming that the friction from his running has made his feet feel like they were smoldering off. About half way there  I had an epiphany, I don't remember what it was about or what I was saying, (3) was gone on the long board riding it down the middle of the road and I thought (2) was listening to me. As I am spilling out the truths to the universe this plant growing out of a construction fence catches his eye and he points it out pointing and saying "there's a plant". And he was right it was the only plant growing along that fence. We both started laughing our asses off and he apologized for point out that plant when there were many others.
      Eventually we had caught up to (3) and she started walking with us again. Not to long after an owl flew up and landed on a speed bump sign I ran up to it my running and blurred like motion blur in a video game and (3)'s and (2)'s conversation sounded really far off. As I got up to the sign it grew massive and taller. I looked up to see the owl perched on it and I looked at it and it looked at me for what seemed like forever and it spoke to me tell me to go and then flew off the sign and vanished.
     We finally came up to the fence we needed to hop to get on the rock climbing course. It was rather tall and intimidating but I had hopped a fence like it before. But it seemed much taller that it really was. (2) had spotted a table on the ground flipped over and heavy from water log. he flipped it over and propped it against the fence. and ran over it. At first he wanted us to launch (3) over it on his long board.  but something told me that was a terrible idea so we all ran over it instead. Waking across the track and soccer field we made our way to the end of the journey. Just then my mom called to check up on me and I was in the middle of a terrible trip. I was walking down the only lit part of the side walk and I seemed to have shrunk and become really bright in a very focused area and was a wall of darkness everywhere else I looked. I I was looking down and I saw a spider off to the right of me on the side walk on the edge where the grass edge was. I kept walking and I almost started freaking out I felt like I was drifting farther and farther from (2) and (3). Still on the phone I noticed a dead frog dried and decapitated, the feeling was surreal. I flipped out and hung up with my mom I felt like it was calling me toward it, pulling me and i became engulfed by light and darkness alike. I closed my eyes and shook my head and ran back to the others telling them what I had seen. (1) had just called (2) telling us that he had made it to the top of the rock wall which is a good 6 or so stories tall and now he needed to get down. We were all so upset because he did it without and safety gear. I tried hoping the second fence to the wall. I handed all my stuff to (3) and went to jump over but I pretty much sank into the fence and cut my hand pretty badly but did not notice till I got over. I must say it was a funny ass sight to see me fail so badly. but the fence felt soft, not hard. Eventually we got over. (2) in his anger at (1)'s stupidity flipped over a pick-nick bench and (1) was on his way down and explained to me that he did that to understand something (what I am not sure) but to him it was personal and he had an epiphany. Once down we all agreed to gtfo and go back to the apartment. Doing everything he could not to hit (1), (2) went off on his own long boarding. He met back up with us about half way back and handed us a metal plate. I did not realize what it was until until I got a third look at it. It the metal plat on top of a parking meter. He had punched it twice with his right hand and then snapped it off. We were all caught in awe at what he had done. We got back to the apartment and bandaged my and (2) hand up, took a shot of crown royal and passed the fuck out.

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