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weird first time

last weekend i bought 7 grams of shrooms.

last weekend i bought 7 grams of shrooms. my girlfriend went off to a nightclub with her buddy so i got my friend jeb round and we decided to have a night of mushroom eating. we went to the store and rented 2 dvd's.. 'ladies man' and 'little nicky' we bought a 6 pack of beer and 2 hoagies to disguise the taste. i put the shrooms in a glass and mashed em to powder, i had 4 grams, jeb had 3. we sprinkled em on our sandwiches and ate. tasted like shit and made us wanna puke!!!! then we laid back and had a beer and watched 'ladies man' after about 30-45 mins i felt a bit stoned, i had the urge to grind my teeth and nausea waves were coming and going, but soon i just felt INCREDIBLY good.. we didnt speak just lay there with grins on our faces. i was in total control, i was thinking clearly and had no hallucinations so i went for a walk to the 7-11. the darkness and fresh air felt good and then i saw my first trippy thing.. i was walking under some trees and they looked unusually bright, almost glowing, there were 2 trees, one seemed happy and one seemed evil, i cant really explain this feeling. anyway i felt really nervous when i walked under them. i got to the store and it looked strange, very bright. i was trying to chose a chocalate bar but looking at them and trying to decide made me really freaked out! then a couple walked in, this was the last straw! i ran outside scared as hell!!! then i started laughing, i found it funny that i was so scared of something so stupid, i felt really good, so relaxed, so i walked home, past the scary trees, back to my apartment. i got back and the corridor seemed longer than usual and my footsteps echoed like i was in a cave or something. i walked back into my apartment and it was amazing, it was like everything was screwed!!! it looked like picasso painting no shit! i spent an hour or two walking around and tripping out over objects around the house which would move around and deform whenever i looked at them, then i needed to go piss. i got to my washroom and saw the most fucked up thing EVER! my hallway just stopped and bent at a right angle so basically the entrance to the washroom was on the floor!! i tryed to jump into the 'door in the floor' and i rolled over, i stood up and i was in the washroom. waheey! i started to piss but the toilet was growing and shrinking, the water was going up and down. ok so i pissed all over myself :(
i looked in the mirror and my eyes were HUGE and as i looked i got the sensation that the reflection wasnt me, suddenly my reflected began to change into an old old man. i fuckin ran. i sat back on the couch but couldnt settle, my brain was on overdrive, million thoughts at once, didnt know whether to sit or stand or laugh or cry! i smoked a cigarette and it relaxed me, i felt so good again that i wanted to feel that way forever. 3 hours passed in what seemed like 2 minutes, i had just been spaced out feeling goooood the whole time. the hallucinations seemed to have stopped. jeb was asleep, during the whole experience i didnt even remember he was there!!!! my girlfriend came home and we went to bed....

the end...??


then it got freaky!!!!

i closed my eyes and tried to sleep, i heard the strangest music, like tribal drums beating and people wailing, the more i tryed not to think of it the louder it became! i saw images of native indian carvings but with evil green eyes and most of all i saw screaming apes with spears, i was sweating and hot and i could not sleep. i thought i would watch tv but i was overcome with the feeling of fear, i was terrifed but i didnt know what of!!!!

all this lasted until 11am the next morning...holy shit! my trip lasted 13 hours!!!!!

the first half was soooooo fun i would recommend it to anyone! but the second half was scary, but know when i think about it it was still fun.

more shrooms on the weekend!!!!!!!

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