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Disneyland hell

So my boyfriend Mason and I decided one afternoon to trip on shrooms, and since we both had year round Disneyland passes, why not eat the shrooms and go to Disneyland?

So my boyfriend Mason and I decided one afternoon to trip on shrooms, and since we both had year round Disneyland passes, why not eat the shrooms and go to Disneyland? It seemed like a fun idea, so we headed off and drove the 20 minutes to Disneyland. We stopped and bought a bottle of water and Ding Dongs to put the shrooms in. I'd only done shrooms once and Mason had done them about 8 times, and we had just done them 2 days beore! I loved them so much, I couldn't wait to do them again. What a stupid idea..
Anyways, we get in the Disneyland parking lot and I finish eating mine, putting them in the Ding Dong, I have no idea how many I ate, I just know Mason ate more then me and I started eating them before him. This all happenned when it was still light outside. So we take the tram to Disneyland, and we're all happy just waiting for it to kick in. We get inside Disneyland, and I start feeling this sickness come over my stomach and everything's already starting to move around. We finnally decide to go on Space Mountain. If any of you have ever been to Disneyland (and maybe any other Disney theme park, I don't know) imagine what it looks like in the line. It's dark, and there's space ships and all kinds of noises and people. I'm standing there in that line looking at everything and my stomach isn't feeling to well, but I ignore it and figure it'll go away. The space ship looked so real, and I tried to reach out and touch it. I'm telling Mason all this stuff I'm seeing because it hasn't effected him yet, and the people next to us in line are looking at us weird, but I'm thinking who gives a crap. We finnally get on the ride, and I'm just starring at everything. then, we started moving. It was the craziest ride of my life! It felt like it was going forever and I felt like I was really flying through space! Mason's screaming at the top of his lungs but I'm just sitting there too scared to even scream. Finally, the ride's over and we get off and discuss how awesome it was. We walk around thinking of what to go to next, and this whole time my stomach's hurting, so we sit on a bench ad watch all the people walk by. I swore that every single child was waching us and knew what we were doing. I guess the shrooms finally started to kick in for Mason and he says Man we gotta get the hell out of here. But there were a million peole everywhere, and there was some parade going on so we couldn't even leave. So we sit down on at these tables and Mason starts freaking out, saying Marissa you aren't were I am right now, I'm tripping real bad and real hard. Like I wasn't! We sat at this table and I look at the ground and the brick's patterns were moving like crazy and everything looked so crazy! We could see the parade and there were hundrds of people, e didn't know what to do. I tried to put my head down in my arms but Mason says No we have to look normal just sit here. Mason looks like he's dying and he almost starts crying. Finally the parade is over, but no there's tons of people trying to leave the park. We try to make our way through the people and I feel ike I'm going to fall over and die the whole time. We had to stop because Mason couldn't walk either. We sit down and I almost start screaming I'm so freaked out. We stand up to try to leave again and I almost fall on my face. After what felt like a year of trying to get out we did. We got to his car and sit there realizing we need to get home. So Mason starts driving and I'm thinking how the hell can he drive!? On the freeway I think I passed out cause next thing I knew we were with our friends Brian and Nicole again. We smoke a ton of weed to help us out. Brian and Nicole did shrooms and we're in this parking lot by my house. I had to go to the bathroom really bad so I tell Nicole to go in this store with me to go. I get out of the car and BAM, I couldn't walk. My legs were cramping up so bad, I just started laughing and I almost feel to the ground. Nicole helped me back to the car and I'm hitting my head on the stearing wheel laughing. At this point my stomach no longer hurts, and Mason's feeling better as well. Some where between there and Disneyland we got my car, I can't remember how. We drop my friend Brian off and go to a coffee place about 10 minutes away. Mason's in a band so these people who knew him from the band were all talking to him and he's telling everyone he comes in contact with that we're on shrooms. So instead of going to the coffee shop, we think everyone's starring at us and we walk towards this train station and sit there. All of a sudden I'm all depressed. I start saying how I'm poor and I'm going to get kicked out of my house and I hate myself and all this crap. Finally we go home. I can't remember after that what happenned, but I do know I will never ever go to Disneyland on shrooms again!

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