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1 Gram, First trip ever AMAZING

First trip... WOW...

Ok, this is the first time we have tripped on shrooms. My friend G, B, and Me were just chillin at G's house and we had an eith of some mushrooms. We had this planned for like a week and yesterday was the big day. We were all scared, excited, and other feelings becuase we didnt know what we were gonna feel seeing on Me and B have never done any physcodellic drugs in our life before, But G has ( he took shroom bars a while back). Anyways this is our trip...

We took these shrooms on a bologne sandwich, we all thought "Its just a gram so it should'nt do much" At first we took these, and then went outside to meet some friends. These guys came over with a 3 ft bong and we just started chiefen lol, about 45 minutes later we all just felt baked, i was shivering like i was freezing to death and it wasn't to cold. Anyways they left and we went back inside G's house into his room and just chilled on his bed and watched George lopez for a while.

When we were sitting in his room, we all felt kind of wierd but nothing much, i just couldnt stop talking and thinking of when this is going to hit me and if it has hit me already. By 11:30 we were watching George Lopez and it felt so wierd. Bare with me here, but when we were watching it, patterns were coming out of the tv and moved to the walls. The pictures G had on his wall were moving around and they were all looking at me. I then looked at my friend B's face and it seemed like his nose wasnt supposed to be there, like it was 2 inches up to far, and his ears were his mouth and his mouth was his eyes. Insaine i know, It felt so amazing becuase he was seeing it to. G was was just trippn in the corner listenen to his ipod.

We were at our peak and shit was moving and vibrating, I felt like i know everything that was going on so well. I kept telling my friend "Lets go wake up the trees, they always sleep at night, lets go wake them up and party!" At this time we were completely geeked and shit was moving around and i wasnt sure if anything was real. I felt like i was on another world, a world of shrooms. A world ive never been before, a world that anything is possible. We keept saying, "When will we be back on the normal world?" Not once in this trip was bad.

Were still just tripping balls, hearing things, and seeing things. We look out the window for about 20 minutes looking at the neighbors house and the trees outside. The trees were all breathing and sleeping. The house in the distance was also sleeping and breathing. All of a sudden, they all woke up. "Dude the fucking trees are up!" Boooooooom, right there, was when the shrooms hit harder and the trees acually started moving around and walk. It was a few minutes before they were back to there originally spots. I had so many things on my head, over 300 things i wanted to do and accomplish but i could do everything at once, so the night went from every 15 minutes we would do something else weather its music (pink floyd), Tv, Closed eyes and talking, Anything ive never felt the way i felt on this.

We just kept talking about, wow these are so amazing and wow ive never felt like this. It was the most amazing feeling i have ever felt in my life.
All of a sudden, Me and B felt the exact same feeling. I cant explain it, but at the same exact time we were both like... Whooaaa.. I was like dude did u feel that? He was like dude u felt that too? Right at that moment i had thoughts about the human race, we both started seeing spheeres pop out of the cieling and the tv was growing. By now we felt like we were in a huge room. The room was growing larger and larger until.. My mom started calling G's phone. My heart stopped, I thought we were all fucked, He let the call go to voicemail and turned off the phone. After this we closed the window and layed down.

We cant explain how this felt in words, but if your reading this and you have never done shrooms before, you have to visit the world i was on, its amazing and there is no worries. I had nothing bad about my trip, even when my mom called. I geeked balls hahaha. Every needs to expierience this and i hope that all of you can get shrooms.

Smoked a bowl and called it a night :). 

Thanks for reading my trip report 

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