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Ego Death on LSD

An Insightful Journey

Hey everyone. I wanted to share an experience with you as my first contribution to this site. Recently, I tried LSD (2 hits) and went way into my head and came out with a message that I found very insightful, yet dark, but still a theoretic truth. In the past, I have done shrooms twice. One of which, I hit a level 5 trip (which scared the living hell out of me.) I died, burned in hell, and then was born again. The full story in itself was mindblowing, so I will save it for another time or you can PM me. Anyways, this is my message I came across after I went insane on acid.

Only we, ourselves know our deepest, darkest secrets. The people we share ourselves with are a direct reflection of our inner self. You and I are one in the same. Everything can become absolutely nothing in a single heartbeat. Now think about that heartbeat. Feel it pulsate, feel it become, until it becomes you. This is your inner peace. No one may disturb you here. It is so quiet and peaceful. No one can hurt you. You begin to see a body take form around you as the water drops fall from overhead. The red runs wild down the drain as your eye catches the reflection of the blade that dangles between your fingertips. Absolute peace enters your mind as you watch your remaining existence slip down the drain. This is you. This is me. This is all of us. We are all the same. In the end, behind the drapery of personalities, we can all do it. What is there to fear in life? Within self destruction lies security. And behind security, there lies the naked truth in all its power. That is what it is to be human. 

[Enter, THE EGO]...

Hope you all take something from this. I sure as hell did.

Happy tripping.

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