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9/11: Crazy

I now totally understand the intensity of 9/11

     After school I went over to my friends house, C. We decided that we should go to the high school football game and see some friends.
    After being there for 20 mins. my friend, S, asked me if i wantd to buy some shrooms. 4 grams for 30. Me and C split it. We didnt feel anything until 1 hour after
   they were ingested. We just felt weird and we knew we were gunna want to smoke some weed later so we went out to find weed. Thats wen i found my boy A.
   We bought a small blunts worth for $4. We didnt care we just wanted to get high later.

   Me and C were kinda driftin apart.( I dropped acid for the first time that summer and i cahnged into an asshole, but started to be back to normal, i am now though)
   The come up was nothing we didnt see visuals or anything until.... Me and C decided to leave the game simple because we were starting to trip and we wanted to be ourselves
   without being judged. 
   In the parking lot we passed by some dudes smokin. I could smell the blunt. They were smart and they did a walk by to let us know were smokin and pretty much asked if we wanted a hit.
   I turn around and say that shit smells good dawg, can i hit that? He was black and had white teeth. It was dark and i saw his smile just start to look bigger like the ppl in that black hole sun video.
   I hit it and chated and left. C called these girls to pick us up. (just friends, I would never hit that shit) As we waited for them the visuals intensified and philosophy became more understandable.
 We were walking down a street and then i just saw a shadow of my self in front of me. I hear a horn and i hear c  say WATCH OUT! I close my eyes and when i open them i see C and the car that almost hit me.

Thats wen i realized that C was a true friend who had my back. The way he saved endangered himself too. I thank God for that. We the girls pick us up. I imediatly start to see teenage cliche girl stuff. One girl was in a predicament and she was just bitching and said " look wat she just texted me, hold on lemme start from the beginning" and she went on to give us a complete word by word text conversation. It was 5 minutes (felt like an hour) of non stop talking. We stoped at a gas station to gas. As J is punping gas i look at P (talky talky) and she smiles I beginn to laugh kind of hystericoly because her smile was distorted and she reminded me of the cat from Alice and WOnderland. The rest of the ride home was just music ( so the talky talky would talk so much)

We end up goin to C's house (parnets out of town) and J told us something that just made us think wow . CM was pregnant. ( U never think that a friend of yours would get pregnant but it happens)

We then sat at the screen of the computer and i showed C good music and not the rap that we always listen to. Good old Rock and ROll new and old. THe beatles, CCR, Blind Melon, the cranberrys, Pink Floyd, and  a whole lot more.

It was time to just chill and watch TV. We were tripping pretty mellowly. We turned on the TV and the history channel had a 9/11 special not a documentary just home videos of the towers and
everything just home videos of 9/11 put together. I suddenly put myself in everyones shoes and realized wat had happend there. I never really cared about 9/11 until then. It began to scare me. It was an attack on AMerica or the US.

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