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christmas time!

It was one week before christmas.

It was one week before christmas. My boyfriend and I had plans on opening our gifts. Well we stopped by friends before and he just happened to be finishing some lovely tea. I had only tripped once before and my boyfriend only three times. None of which was anything to hoot about. After finishing a huge glass of tea, we took off to get home before the fun began. It was only 20 minuts later and it hit both of us. We just couldn't help but laugh. We had started to open our presents. Which I will add here never open your Christmas presents while tripping. It makes it very difficult to get excited about opening them. Anyway, after finishing up opening the presents. We found something so hilarious we curled up in a ball together on the floor for what seemed eternity. I can't tell you how the rest of the night was. I remember going into the bathroom and just staring at myself. Then flushing the toilet about three times. I thought it was the most amazing thing. Mostly because of the sound. It was very destorted. At some point we found ourself on the bed looking at out hands. This is where I realized that I was hallocinating. My fingers were no longer than about 1/2 in. long Then I closed my fist and all of my fingers were gone. Which freaked me out alittle. My boyfriend thought it was funny. We got bored of that and went out to watch tv. There was a special on about Evil Kinevil. Everyone of the people on the tv were destorted. There faces would bend and twist. At one point we were convinced that the people on the tv were talking to us. They were telling us that drugs were bad and going on and on about the long term effects of them. The whole time everything I looked at was moveing. Some of it was very overwelming. But, for the most part I was the most awsome experience I have ever had.

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