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dimensions unfold

It has been 4 years since the sacred sacrament crossed my path and it was time again to venture into the realm which we see not obviously in waking consciousness.

It has been 4 years since the sacred sacrament crossed my path and it was time again to venture into the realm which we see not obviously in waking consciousness. A fellow spiritual soujourner and I decided that tonight was the night and ground up into fine powder, an eighth of an ounce each of some cubenis with a coffee grinder. We put these on an aluminum foil and and both poured into our mouths and washed down with some iced tea at 8:10pm.

We went outside to the balcony to do a little meditation (basically just sitting still, breathing, and not thinking about a thing). About 25 minutes later, I started to feel the buzz come on in the background and I can tell immediately that this was going to be very strong medicine.
We got into my bedroom and I put on an Indian Sitar/flute CD. As I sat in my chair with my eyes closed, I started to see kaladescopic colors and patterns like fractal graphics envelop me all around. As I continued to chant "thank you divine mother, divine father, for this unfoldment," I looked up in my mind and the heavens above me literally parted like the story of the red sea, and I immediately knew, the path of heaven revealed. As I started to ascend, I got to a place where there were what seemed like millions of skulls all around me, and I kept still and calm in my mind to relax and know this is all also a part of me, a part of my mind, "be gone", I thought, and they immediately dissolved. At this point, I opened my eyes to see how my friend was doing and found he was completely in a trance of his own.

"Joe, are you alright? This is pretty intense shit!", and he looked over at me and said, "be still". Then the room filled with a kind of presence I have felt in the past before... like there were many many people in the room at once. I picked up the tape recorder and put it into record. All I could say was, "we are here tonight...with some.... very very sacred people....". When I looked at Joe again, he was on my bed, as his head looked like it was melding into my goosedown and he lay in a completely cocooned position for his journey. I pulled out the sleeping bag from my closet and laid myself down as well as I started to hear a very loud ringing sound like the cooling fan of my laptop but all around me, and a strong pulling sensation from the back/top of my head. It was then that I noticed, barely perceivable on the other side of the dimension, a kind of artifical wall which looked like the side of a military ship with round port windows. There were lights streaming out from all directions and I can barely see some figures smiling at me, urging me to let go and out of my brain. There was all kinds of reassurances, and as I got scared, flowers appeared all around me, and still I could not let go...I felt like I was going to die... like I would lose consciousness and never come back. Several times, it was like a tractor beam pulling me back and I had to fight it each time. I finally gave up on the attempt and got up from my sleeping back. An hour and a half after journeying, I was peaking like I never peaked on any entheogen before. I tried to get my friend to giggle/laugh with me, and he was sitting by now in a lotus position on my bed unperturbed by my urging and shaking him on his shoulder. "Sit still, we're almost there" he said, and immediately remembered the purpose of the journey and got into my seat and started to chant. The presence of the other beings came again and the image of Osama Bin Ladin appeared in the room. In my inebriation of spiritual ecstacy, I saw Bin Ladin as an enlightened spiritual master, on the caliber of a Buddha or Jesus but here to bring about a cataclysmic change in our mass consciousness. A kind of "evil" version of Jesus or Buddha in a sense, yet here to do something that we as a collective human species called forth to bring about some kind of post historic change in humanity. Then it occured to me that there are also millions of people like Joe and I who are on these intense spiritual soujourns to self-realize, to awaken, to become divinity in flesh, to regain complete mastery of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being who are the counter part to the one Bin Ladin catalyst for a future, homo-noeticus, man with a united consciousness race...the evolution of the species to the next level.

Joe finally started getting up and moving around. We went into the living room. My living room is large and has lots and lots of green plants and trees with mirrors all around. The lights were dimmed and the stereo played Sigur Ros, which provided the perfect ambience for the next phase of our journey. We started discoursing about all kinds of things and had realization after realization, and the kind of 'brotherhood' gratitude that people sometimes experience on ecstacy, giving each other hugs and patting each other on our shoulders for affirmation. We decided we were ready to go explore the out-world while the shroom effects were still there.

Three hours in, we got into the car, and the same streets that I drive everyday were completely transformed. Everything looked very flat and expanded, and the colors to everything glowed with new hues. The trees and bushes all looked like disneyland images, almost too real to be real, like over emphasized stems and branches and very large leaves. This was in stark contrast to my computer desktop background of a forest which looked completely pixelated and blocky, though today as I type this, looks completely fine, like the picture it is.

Many thoughts came through from the other dimension of my other self... THoughts of reassurance... That I am completely on the right path and to be patient with the outcome of greater still things to come. One thing I noticed was that I was able to snap out of the trance when I needed to momentarily, as long as I focused on each little task, to be normal when I was at the gas station for example. No one even suspected a thing. We ended up going around the block, blasting trance music, and going to a nearby park. The green open field looked completely different from what it usually does and was incredibly refreshing to just sit, lie down, and watch the nighttime clouds roll by.

We returned to the apartment and my roommate was back. We conveyed to him all that we experienced and got him buzzed from just talking in a very trippy perspective. There was a slight withdrawl like symptom for about an hour before I fell asleep. I lied on my bed and just let it sweat out, after which I eventually fell asleep, even without any bud. (Bud would probably been good to take a slight edge off at the end). This morning I feel incredibly clear and happy for the experience. Indeed the sacred sacrament is a key to unlocking the mysteries to one's own self unfoldment.

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