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Very Intense And Weird Trip

Splitting personality and talking a nonsense language!

Well, it was the second time I had mushrooms .I had them last week. Me and my husband bought a grow kit of Colombian and had our first harvest which gave around 180 gr fresh.We were planning to make tea but later we just decided to eat them.I took 3.5 gr dry and he took 4.5 gr.It was around 18.45 when we ate them,but I was going to wait until around 9 o'clock for them to kick and I didn't know what was going to happen to me.

After 45 mins my husband started to see patterns and stuff,he was enjoying his time and I was still waiting for them to kick in,and I waited for long...After around 1 hour,my husband started to feel really tired and sick.He tried to puke but he couldn't.I was disappointed coz nothing happened for more than 2 hours and then I went to bed together with my husband and by that time, I also started to feel sick.
After like 15-20 mins I started to see patterns eveywhere.We were just laying down on the bed and the ceiling became liquid,it was flowing.After a while I felt really great and my hand suddenly seemed really interesting.I think I analyzed it for half an hour.Or maybe less I don't know because time just became meaningles.At that point it felt like some seconds were faster than the others.I mean I could see those few seconds running away like they were in a hurry.It was very very interesting.But something even more interesting was yet to come.Then the door started to talk to me.It told me that it felt so alone and that nobody cared for it.That was also weird.

After a while I started to feel really sick (as a matter of fact that sick feeling never left us until the end of the trip,that was the worst part of all) And I told my husband that I need to go to toilet,but then I spoke a completely nonsene language! We were both like WTF? It happened all of a sudden,and it wasn't going to stop for the coming 3 hours.After I got back from toilet I just kept talking in this weird language.My husband says it sounded a bit like Far East-Scandinavian mixture (and I have nothing to do with both languages) At first it felt like my ancestors were speaking through me.I knew exatcly what I was saying but the words coming out of my mouth just didn't make any sense.Then I slowly started to feel like I was split up into 3 or 4 persons and I was talking to myselves in that language.It was more like having a discussion and trying to convince each other.I even sang few songs in that language.

I didn't dare to close my eyes because I didn't know what I was going to see.I opened a window (or a door I don't know) into myself.I was looking inside myself and all I saw was me,opening a window and looking into another room (myself) It was like there were thousands of mirrors so I could see everybody there and it was very colorful.The things I saw changed so quickly that I was like jumping from one to another.I even felt the pleasure of a vampire,sucking the blood of his victim (?!) The room is normally quite red and I saw my husband as the devil lying next to me,I was asking him if he is the devil ( of course he didn't understand any of that language) and then the other me was telling him that it doesn't really matter what you are.

I was trying to tell him the things I was seeing but he didn't understand a word.At some point I was quite afraid that I was going to forget my native language so I was repeating inside my mind that I won't forget it.I had few 'on the edge' moments but somehow (with help of my husband) I managed to keep calm.
The trip ended around 2 am and I felt like I came out of a battle or something.I was really tired,but I had a lot of fun I can say that.After all, it felt like coming back home.

My first trip was some patterns and nothing so big,yet it made me felt really good and realize the connection  between things.But the second trip...it was very intense and very special.

All I know is that I respect mushrooms and that it's something that everybody should try at least once in their lifetime.

Enjoy your little holiday!

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