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15 P. Semilanceata. Holy fuck.


I'm coming down from my second ever trip, after being disappointed with my first trip (10 P. Semilanceata), I have to say, Mushroom potency can alternate so differently between mushrooms that you pick... I just was blasted away by 15 dried P. Semilanceata. It was meant to be 25, but I gave my mate 10 so he could trip with me... My mind is in pieces at what I just saw.

I'd been waiting all week, and dried out 25 mushrooms last night from my second pickings of my first ever season. All I ever hear is my mates taking 80 mushrooms and not tripping hardly, but I wanted to be cautious and start low just in case I have a crazily low tolerance to mushrooms and they just fuck me up - Which is the case it seems... COOL :laugh:

Anyway, it hits 6:45.. I decide it's time to eat them. We quickly chew on em for 10 minutes, till all I can taste is mushrooms, then we smoke some spliffs and I'm pretty high right now, so I totally forget about the mushies I just ate. 45 minutes I notice I'm getting trails, and I felt like my pupils were bigger. My phone was so much brighter, so I'm thinking this weed is fucking excellent. Then I notice the bricks are swaying in the garage slightly in my peripheral side vision, what the fuck is going on?

Then I felt the tingling, and started yawning... Yes, you ate mushrooms 45 minutes ago. I completely forgot I had ingested them and was worried at how bad that could be, what if I wasn't ready for them? I realized I was or I wouldn't of taken them at the time and just enjoyed the tracers and slight bends. 20 minutes later and things are slowly starting to come into vision, bricks crawling across the wall, all the writing on the wall is swirling and glowing, and dancing across the wall. The roof is falling down, then bending back up and the whole garage is bulging outwards. I came up like a sack of shit to be fair, they kicked me in the face completely.

I'm in between a wave right now, explaining to my friends about what I was seeing in my last trip, and how I don't think I've peaked yet, but I can feel it coming on definitely. This is when B decides to hit a bong, and proceeds to ask if anyone would like one. Yeah man, sure, I'd love a bong right now (I forgot I was on mushrooms and in between waves again). He hands me the bong, the chillum packed to the top. Thats a bong, and I'm gonna clear that fucker in one (4ft bong easily).
It took me 3 attempts to clear it, each one like a shotgun to the head.

5 Minutes later I feel the buzz kicking in, I feel warm, euphoric, giggly... Wait, is this another wave coming on? I think so... Fuck, Mushrooms! I Forgot about those!

The carpet started turning, spiraling, tracing, time stopped. The bong blasted my shroom buzz tenfold. The walls were fractals, swimming, melting, shaping, breathing heavily, closing then flying back out with a cartoon almost effect. Soon patterns engulfed my vision and I proceeded to close my eyes, flying through a tunnel of bending, morphing melting colours in the psychedelic stratosphere. Why am I here? What is this world... Why is it so small? The 4th dimension is so surreal, it has stopped (time).

This is only the peak of the trip, this lasted for an hour at least (6 hours in my mind), I came back from that intense wave with a huge exhale of air and a small mutter of "Holy. Fucking. Shit.", my mates turned to me and said "You went somewhere else there didn't you? We could tell...", I couldn't believe what I saw. I just tripped absolute balls from 15 tiny tiny mushrooms, it got me thinking how such a chemical in your brain can cause such an amazing experience. How the fuck does Psiloc(yb)in actually work? CRAZY!

For the next 2 hours I was stunned by what I had seen, felt and envisioned. I felt amazing. This is when the trip turned sour for about 10 minutes.

We all went outside (pitch black, quiet, numbingly cold). My mates got in the car while I had a pee. I went to get into the car when they played a trick and decided to speed off, I instantly got scared. Why are they leaving me in this horrible world of disrepair? I started sprinting after the car, a good 18mph. They stopped and let me in 2 seconds later realizing I was tripping and noticed the totally scared expression on my face, I was *shitting* myself. After I got into the car I felt superb to be with my friends again, and understood it was a playful joke. They apologized and understood I was tripping my fucking balls off back there.

The next is pretty much just coming down from a mushroom trip, trying to find my mind which was scattered all over that garage in which we hang out... Peace out, happy tripping

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^ pretty much my trip timeline...

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