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K2 high turns into fairytale trip

aka life through a TV screen

This was some time ago, I wrote a bit of it before but just decided to post it:

It was one in the morning when I arrived back on campus with my friends. Only slightly tipsy from our yuengling, me and my spanish friend decided to get high off of K2. I had bought some at a headshop before heading to school and Spez was willing to try it. I rolled a k2 joint and we headed off on some trails into the woods.

After venturing off the path for several yards, Spez and I settled down on a really comfortable set of rocks and lit up. We had NO IDEA how powerful it was going to be, since it was a legal high. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe the setting, I have no idea. But after sharing a joint we both got severely stoned and as the evening went on it felt more like an acid trip I had taken than marijuana. Spez called his GF cause he promised he would earlier and I honestly haven't got a clue what he said the whole time. Lights spilling through the trees were getting really eerie and I became a little paranoid that someone would find us there. We both were parched and decided we needed to head back up to the dorms and get some water.

When we stood up, we both realized that we were incredibly short. We were dwarves and the trees were extremely tall. We walked back through the dark woods by cellphone light and I couldn't stop cracking up. I was barefoot and the ground felt more real than ever. We were on some incredible journey along the edge of the earth--I think they may have been reflected lights, but I could've sworn if we walked off to the left of the trail we would've fallen into infinity. I felt like I was looking down at myself more than at the path.

It took us what felt like days to get out of the woods and onto the paved road. At this point I realized that everything was about color schemes. It was like every time I looked at something, there was a connection between all of the colors involved. In the woods it was pale yellow and bright teal. On the road everything was centered around black, warm yellows and oranges. And we were still incredibly short.

As we walked to the dorm, we decided to sneak around a back entrance because we heard people around the main one. We knew we were stoned out of our minds and we wanted to not see anyone. My friend laughed and told me "Dude, it's like we're james bond!" and jumped through the door with his hands in a pistol formation. Suddenly I realized that I was in a videogame and my goal was to get up to my room without enemy contact. My consciousness pulled out a single level from my vision. I stopped seeing through my eyes... instead I was looking at a tv screen that represented what I was experiencing. As we climbed stairs up to my hall, I felt like the whole trip was very much like the story of Jack and the bean stock. Everything seemed strange and square, and people were giants except they weren't big. They were normal human sized giants.

It turns out my roommate had found a scorpion on the road just a few minutes ago and he walked out into the hallway as me and my friend were coming in. It didn't freak me out too much except I didn't know how I was supposed to react. What is it that sober people do with scorpions? I had no idea what my reaction was supposed to be. We had what turned out to be a really weird conversation about it, but I don't remember what anyone said. Except I suggested we call the scorpion jackie. I think that has something to do with a jackie chan movie but I have no idea how I came up with it.

Finally Spez decided just to go to bed and since my roommate was going to sleep as well, I just chilled on my couch, hoping that he wouldn't talk to me and I could just sit there and listen to music. We had a florescent light going and when I shut my eyes, the color scheme became this washed out static, combined with a tiny bit of red and blue. Everything felt like I was experiencing life second-hand. I wasn't really in my body and I was a little bit freaked out. Then my roommate shut off the lights and I started listening to Spies by Coldplay on headphones while watching WhiteCap visualizations. I cannot describe the experience. I was not in my body anymore. I was part of the colors on my screen and the music was flying around the room and in and out of my ears and brain. I was sitting still but I felt like the movie of my experience was speeding somewhere somehow.

The next day I woke up and realized that while I was mostly sober, I still felt a bit disconnected with my body. The rest of the day, I had a difficult time interacting with people because I was still a little paranoid and had a hard time following sentences. I had smoked k2 twice before, but this time was stranger and wilder. I would describe it more as a trip than a high. Like I said, it may have been the context, the alchohol, or something else, I dont know. But this was a lot more like acid than marijuana. What a crazy shit experience.

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