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So Scary


This is a trip unlike any other that i have ever experienced before. Although the conditions and the onset sucked because of my friends but i will explain as i continue. It was a Saturday and R,J and I all had the day off.(they are both my roommates and we NEVER get the same days off.)  We awoke kinda early and had a whole day planned ahead of us. We did a wake and bake on some good headies in our 3L g bong.  Man if you have never tried a 3L bottle in a g bong you are missing out. 1 hit may make you cough like crazy but you get so high its ridiculous. Anyways after hitting about 6 of these and our minds beings so torn that we barley talk to each other, we decided to head out on the town for the day to see if anything fun was going on. We ended up at a local park and we started to shoot some hoops with a couple kids that were there. Now normally we are all pretty decent at the level of blazed that we were, but today we were just to far gone to compete. After getting dominated in some games of 3 v 3 we decided to go back to the house to light up a couple more gs. After smoking a few more R said to us lets go down to our local head shop and see if they have anything good to sell. We thought this was a marvelous idea and we preceded to drive a few miles away to the shop(shh don't tell the cops) Our local headshop here carries many different products and mind altering things. I decided on getting a few glass pipes, while R and J were on the other side of the store talking to the owner. After a little while we left and headed back to home, stopping only to get some mickey d's (how can you not have munchies from that much bud :) when we got home i went inside the house to grab my computer while R and J went into the garage to eat their food. I came back out and met them in the garage. They had the g packed and ripped to the max, urging me to take the hit. I went over and took the whole thing, (coughing like crazy mind you) I knew immediately that this was not bud, as it had an odd taste like some salvia(i have done over 15 salvia trips). Those mother f*ckers tricked me into taking a massive salvia rip. Apparently they had bought it at the shop when i was buying my pipes. I freaked out once i realized what it was, i was standing next to them and dropped my lighter swearing and screaming at them telling them i was going to kill them both when i was done tripping. Within a few seconds i entered stage 1 of every salvia trip that i had ever done. The stage when you don't think you are tripping but you are fully immersed into it. I stared at the floor and started screaming, my body writhing in fear. What i saw scared the crap out of me. It was millions and millions of bunnies that seemed to reproduce by the millisecond. These were not your funny love able bunnies, but evil bunnies with clown faces that were going to destroy the world! I started to scream louder and louder(I don't know  if it was louder but it sure seemed it.) I look to R and J for help but it seemed like they were just laughing and there faces were morphing. I tried to grab hold of R but my hand was just grabbing the air.  I look to J for help but at this point it seems that the heavens are swirling where he stands and that he is getting carried off my angels with overlarge wings. This was the last straw the bunnies and now the angels. I screamed for my life and ran out into the driveway. (Yes R and J didn't sit me whatsoever for my salvia trip that i didn't know i was going on) I stood in the driveway and watched the road. At this time our neighbor was outside sitting on his front porch drinking some coffee and trying to enjoy his day. I stared him down screaming "Is this real, IS IT REAL" for what seemed like an eternity but it was actually just a few seconds. I began to come down and the trip broke away into just the intense high. I walked back inside the garage because at this point i could tell my neighbor was pissed that i was screaming at him, for what he thought was no reason. The entire trip lasted only around 3 and a half minutes R and J told me. I was so drooped and it was a really scary experience, but probably the best salvia trip that i had with crazy visuals. Even though those aHoles tricked me i wasn't to mad. The after effects lasted for hours and i had a crazy body and head high(both from the salvia and weed)

I do not condone tricking your friends and family into tripping without their knowledge or safe settings! It was just a trip for the ages.

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