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First Time

Mind F***

It all began about a week ago when a friend of mine bought some shrooms. I don't know what kind they were though he said he bought around 10 grams which we split evenly among four of us. He had tripped before and had had a bad experience and didn't tell me a lot about his trip other than that it was scary at times. So around 6:50 me and my friends ate the shrooms which actually tasted ok almost like normal muchrooms though they looked very different. After downing them with some OJ we all went into his living room and put on some Family Guy. For about 30 minutes I was sitting down not feeling a thing and thought "shit they were fake or something" until I noticed something different about the TV. I looked but it was sudenly normal once again. Then I started to realize that the TV itself was growing or moving slightly and the outer edge with speakers around the screen had disappeared and actually been covered by the screen itself. 

After this it gets blurry but I'll try to remember the trip aswell as I can though it wont be chronological as time was completely distorted and for around a three day period around the actual time I tripped before and after it is blurry. Here I go: So the TV was changing and I felt very stoned with impaired memories but also colours we off. The couch started to breath and I felt very tripped out. I stood up and having prepared got my Ipod and started up a playlist with pink floyd, bob marley, MGMT and some other tunes. This is when time was lost completely. After sitting down and listening to three birds for what felt like hours I looked at the timer on the song and it was on 1 min. 29 sec. I closed my eyes and it was a tunnel of colour with strange shapes and patterns constantly repeating themselves. My friends had pictures around the room and I started looking at one. It was covered in hexagons of colour and the hexagons were rotating and I couldn't tell at all what the original picture was at all(later i found out it was a painting of a breakdancer). I also remember looking at my friends face which started changing to bright reds and greens and even blue and all the motions on his face he made they constantly repeated themselves at very fast speeds. Let me explain: he blinked once though to me it wouldn't stop and continued constantly and when he smiled his mouth keep changing from a frown to a smile at incredible speeds until his face was a blur of motions. The handles on a set of drawers grew eyes and shined extremely bright. We went outside to toke and the street went on forever and the same tree repeated itself multiple times. I actually never smoked as there was a family walking and I left with another friend while the others stayed behind. They met us back at the house latter. Complex objects(faces, paintings) became blurs of colour and motion while simple object(couch) breathed and slightly changed size. While out side my friend had a backpack on and bent over to tie his shoe. This reminded me of some sort of war movies and he actually was a soldier in my perspective which a large bag on his back in a millitary green though once he stood back up he changed back. 

Now that was all the visuals but thats actually the smallest part about shrooms... the larger part is the mind-f***....ok so first there was the time distortion... then there was vivid memories, memories from when i was a child which I cant even remember now but they were so real in my head that it was as if they happened a day ago. The worst part was though everytime I remembered something was my in my memory i was still on shrooms. This lead me to believe that ive always been on shrooms and all of my thought, conversations and feelings before were fake and influenced from the shrooms and i also believed that my family and friends knew i was always high and treated me handicapped due to it. It was strange because I knew i hadn't been tripping my whole like but my mind kept telling me i was. I also asked myself frequently about reality and was thinking is this real? am i here? why am i here? now this might not seem strange but the effects of shrooms made me so captivated on finding these answers that I even starting thinking that this world isnt real and other stuff even though I always... always knew i was under the influence of shrooms. 

As the shrooms died down I felt as if stoned and it slowly wore off. I had to wait till all the effect were gone before i could sleep as trying to sleep with any effects was almost impossible. Its very hard to explain the effects as yes you see things and yes you think differently but you think so differently its not describable in any way at all. the only way to know is to do it. I would like to tell you as a warning though if you havent tried before. be prepared for the time distortion... yes you may have visuals but i was able to deal with that pretty well but the time distortion made every minute feel like 20 and this cause me to believe i was stuck like this forever due to its neverending feel but it did end and you have to remember it will end. 

My memory for a 3 day period around the trip is foggy and a weird side-effect to me is after the trip I have been thirsty all the time. the morning after all the way till now. strange but ill wait it out.

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