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Still going strong

hold on and do not let go

It all started one night when i considered, albeit suspiciously, that every philosopher needs a stone, or more precisely, that a philosopher's stone is perhaps stuff of legend, and were i to try and rationalize the irrational i may have a hard time convincing you of whatever convictions i have. That imagination is powerful is quite the understatement if even for the sake of amalgamating words into images. This is beside the point. Excuse my digressions, To make a long story short, my birthday had just passed i was about 2 score years old Abraham Lincoln was not present for the festivities, not much happened, except that the week before my birthday i had scored an 8th of fresh si-low-si-bee cubensis and ate it much to my displeasured pleasure, for which i mean that i sort of rushed into that experience, nothing near dionysian heights although the difference between fresh and dried shrooms became readily apparent when i decided to ask my friend, i shall refer to him as Gibraltar, this friend of mine was given adequate notice after my birthday that i was looking for more specimens although i should not forget to add that wieldy as the all-knowing axe of humanity may be, i am merely i believe an intermediate tripper and will not try to front level 4 shenanigans in a level 3 post. Proceeding, i want to call your attention to the fact that the occurence for which this post is being impressed happened when Gibraltar got back to me a couple days after my birthday with news that he had secured nothing short of the merchant's smile. There was telepathic vibrations occuring, soul shaking as he brought the bag over and inquired just how many mushies i wanted with a sort of overbearing watchful eye that almost wasnt watching me. It was as if Gibraltar was well versed in the ways of the universe and was merely testing my patience. I would have started quoting Wordsworth, but the suspense was killing me so i asked for 4, one was for a friend, we can call him Wilfred, and 3 8ths were for me. Immediately after Gibraltar left on horseback I sat and stared at my little smokes. It was not a full moon but i was feeling freely pensive, and decided to divide Wilfred's bag after he informed me that he wouldn't be by til the next week. I figured i had been "hooked up" so to speak and felt quite free and easy in the deciding to divide Wilfred's bag. I admit i am a devotee of the hare hrishna mantra and was chanting vigorously as i opened the bags and pulled out 3 thumb sized mushrooms. 3 caps 3 stems. the number 3 seemed symbolic although at the time i was completely ignorant of the weight and had not thought about purchasing a scale at the local  henmaiden's store. i said my mantras and laid the 3 shrooms aside while i lit sage, smoke billowed, it was nearing midnight. i was busy cleaning and clearing a space.  i noted that i was severely excited and thought at last that McKenna perhaps would be proud but as soon as this thought entered i dispelled it for i was beginning to overemphasize my expectations. However, thinking of mckenna i decided on silent darkness. However as i began immersing myself into the darkness of my room i felt keenly alone and decided that perhaps a music playlist was not such a bad idea. i thought, incredible string band, some instrumental, some dead, i spent an extra hour fixing the music into a list. All this time i was getting butterflies in my stomach. i turned off the lights, chanted my mantra and proceeded to chew up the mushies. i thought long and hard about the taste without trying to admit anything out of the ordinary about the taste. i had no juice. only water. after the second mushie i was already starting to feel buzzed like i just had a few cups of saki. Then i;m deciding on the 3rd mushie, for a second i almost wasn't sure, i thought the mushies were so small i couldn't have been eating more than an 8th. So i chewed the 3rd and turned it to paste along my gums and finally swallowed.   The Taste Was Unreal at this point. i didn't want to think about it, i decided to chant, i was a bit jittery, i decided to start the music, it was pink floyd the colour green  my body was having strange pulsations incredible string band came on, i was trying to mellow out but for some reason the music was not helping and my anxiety was going thru the roof. Nausea overcame me, i rememebered i needed to shit, this scared me because i felt like #2 was inevitable and this only made me think i had somehow poisoned myself. i was already tripping quite hard, but having to take a duece the anxiety was giving me strange death-like thoughts that if i didn't shit a.s.a.p. that i would die. Sure enough i ran to the toilet clutching a quartz crystal in my mouth and breathed and heaved for the love of mary the mother of god. By the time i was on the toilet shitting the trip was really starting and i could feel tracers coming off my body, "i thought dear lord i cant be tripping on the toilet, i'm fucking up!!!" I thought about shitting my pants as an alternative or passing out in the shower from exhaustion but these seemed too messy and not cost effective enough. i considered my options, i decided to wipe and escape the environment that was being created by the bathroom. i staggered into my bedroom, layed down, and this is when things got weird. The tingly feelings in my body got more intense to the point that it seemed like the cells in my body were screaming and trying to leave the atmosphere by way of propulsionary techniques. i didn't know what to think of the twitching so i stopped thinking about it and opened my mind, by this time i couldn't stand the music, i was hearing intense buzzing and receiving spliced forms of language transmission in my left ear. i was receiving garnishes of French from an unknown source, i thought, i don't fucking understand french. it calmed me down. needless to say what happened next came as a shock. After being satisfied with my shit i decided i wasnt going to die and the nausea was subsiding but just then i swear i heard a knock on my door, forceful, 3 taps or so on the door sent me howling inside. it was as if i could feel the energy of the knocks resounding thru the room but had no idea if it was real. By this time it was about 2 am and i was scared silly thinking someone was trying to break in, i remembered the door was locked. i didn't know what to do, i decided not to open the door but it was too late. the whole occurence triggered a nasty paranoia that sent my soul careening out of control. i sensed demons, negative energy what have you, all around, i didn't see any ghosts but i was quite convinced that death had entered the room. i began to chant down babylon. what else is there to do? At this point my hallucinations increased and i seemingly relived my memories, the whole, your life flashes before your eyes thing, there was tremendous speed and incredible depth, my soul seemed to travel outside my body and i almost couldnt believe it but the more i didnt believe it the harder it became for me to return to my body. the more i went against the experience the more utterly helpless i became until i accepted the visions and willingly embraced the out of body experience. it seemed like a matter of life and death. time stopped. at the height of my innerspace travels i began to realize that it would never end and my soul would forever be in flight.. around 6 am i noticed the effects were getting weaker and my stomach was feeling more normal. i chugged some water praised allah, jah, buddha, krishna, kali, and jesus for being number 1 in my book and i swore i would never smoke tobacco again because i got so high that night. everything else seemed like a waste of  time. weid is good tho. i think with higher doses or whatever, i think after eating 3 mushies i had a level 3 experience and my conclusion is that karma is real.  

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