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2g cubensis, first trip

Beautiful evening/night camping in the mountain forest


I wasn't completely sure if this should be level 1 or level 2, but I'm leaning toward level 2 because I saw some "breathing", experienced what I think is more than a "mild stoning effect", and my thoughts became pretty confused.

First, some history. I'm 23 and don't have much of a drug background. I've been drunk maybe 5-15 times (depending on what you call drunk), high on weed maybe 10-15 times, and hadn't tried any other (significant) psychoactive substance. Oh, I'd smoked salvia leaves a couple times but that was incredibly mild. Talking to my friend from a distant state for the last year or so, let's call him Peter, who has had a decent bit of tripping experience, got me interested in mushrooms. So, I bought 6g of shrooms from a local friend a couple of months ago... 2g for me, 4g for Peter.

My friend Peter flew in to visit me for a week, about a week and a half ago. During his stay we spent 1 day/night camping on a nearby mountain, and I brought the shrooms, and we ate them there.

After preparing for our journey in the morning, picking up some supplies, driving out to the campground, setting up camp, gathering wood for our fire, etc., we finally were prepared to consume our consumables. I was pleased to see that only 2-4 of the other 30 campsites were occupied; I didn't want to have to interact with any strangers for my first trip.

We started eating our shrooms shortly after 7PM. We ate the (dried) shrooms plain and washed them down with mildly flavored beverages. I actually found the taste of them to be mildly pleasant. My friend gave me a couple extra pieces of his dose, so I probably ended up with 2.2 or 2.3 grams.

Before the effects set in, I think I realized that I needed to set up something else for my hammock (I brought 2 hammocks so that we could comfortably enjoy the outdoors :), so I took care of that. We went and sat down by the fire in our chairs and talked for a while. I started to feel the effects; first, I found things to be slightly sillier than usual. Then I had some weird feelings in my head -- infrequently at first, but then closer and closer together, I'd get what felt like a kind of pulse behind my eyes, and they would almost involuntarily move to look at something else. There was a river running nearby, so there was a constant river noise in the background, but I would get a feeling in my ears (another pulse-like effect) that made the sound intensify for a split second, sounding/feeling almost like a wave crashing on the beach. Those feelings weren't too uncomfortable. I enjoyed them because I knew what was causing them, and it was funny to feel my body do something silly like that. These feelings started at maybe 30 minutes after eating.

After maybe 45-55 minutes we realized we'd forgotten to do something -- the tiki torch! It wasn't planted in the ground! So we took it over to the hammocks and wondered how we should go about planting it. I put the end of it to the ground and started twisting back and forth, basically moving my whole upper body back and forth with every twist. I think this is when things really started to set in, because the movement was both mesmerizing and hilarious. Back at the campfire, we sat down and talked for a while longer. I think we must have sat there until 8:30 or so, at least.

Sometime before 8:30 (I think it was in that time of sitting at the fire), 2 police SUVs drove past our campsite at what seemed like 1 MPH. That was a bit unsettling. Of course, there was nothing suspicious about us (no beer bottles or anything, just 2 guys sitting by a fire), so they passed us by of course. Still, after they left, Peter was joking about them and about cops in general for a little while, until I had to tell him to stop because it made me feel uneasy. Sometime after this we busted out some mini Oreos, and some jerky, and some trail mix, etc. and went to get in our hammocks.

Now, the hammocks are kind of weird... it's a bit hard to explain, but we had our sleeping bags in them, and other blankets, and they are pretty small / enclosed so they are hard to enter. We spent what felt like an hour (but may have been 30 minutes) just trying to get in them, haha. I know I walked back to the picnic table a couple times to grab things, and at one point we went on a short walk in the forest and laughed at how cool it felt. I felt as though I was exploring something underwater -- it was well into twilight, so the lighting was really flat, and everything around me sounded muted like when you're underwater. We didn't go far, because I didn't want to risk getting lost.

Anyway, we finally got into our hammocks. I guess it was maybe 9:30 or so, but it's hard to say. By this point almost everything seemed hilarious to me, and Peter and I were laughing all the time. We had brought some MP3 players to listen to music, so we started up a song that we felt like hearing -- DMT by Shpongle. Now, keep in mind I was borrowing my wife's iPod so she has some stuff on there I wouldn't normally listen to. About halfway into the song there was a part that was pretty funny to me, and I tried to pause it to tell Peter, but instead I pushed "next" and ended up listening to this VeggieTales song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCNtUJJOmfU (Maybe I should email the creators of the song and tell them how much I enjoyed hearing it while tripping on mushrooms :) Oh man, this song had me cracking up. I had never heard it.

At this point, I think Peter was eating some trail mix, and I was complaining that I hadn't brought any to the hammock. He's a slow eater and I'm a fast eater, so he was joking that I wouldn't have any left anyway (because I would have eaten it all by now). I tried to refute him, saying, no, I could eat it slow if I want. I didn't think he understood what I meant, so I went on trying to explain it for several minutes -- "you know, I could, like, take a part of it -- I could take a peanut, or a cashew, and pop it in my mouth", and he was laughing pretty hard at my efforts, and I was laughing so hard that tears were running down into my ears, because I was having such trouble explaining to him the concept of what it means to eat something slowly. That was kind of the height of the trip for me. Total confused hilarity :)  We had fun looking at trees and stuff and talking about how crazy they were.

At this point I had a bit of a time-warp; so far, we had been guessing the time, and then he would check it on his phone, and we'd always been fairly close. But this time I guessed it was 11:40, and it was actually 10:00. That was pretty surprising for me.

At this point I also experienced the most dangerous part of my trip. I was lying on my back in my hammock, with a mouth full of jerky, laughing pretty hard about something, and a bit of food went into my windpipe... had to lean up a bit and cough so it didn't get stuck. In the future I will be VERY careful with my food so that this never presents a risk again. It would suck to die because of something lame like that.

We only ended up listening to that 1 song, and while I could probably recall some more details, it's getting late right now and I want to get to bed. We went back to the campfire and talked a lot about various things while the trip scaled down its effects. One noteworthy thing happened... we heard some kind of animal grunting somewhere near our campsite, which was somewhat alarming. My friend was paranoid about bears when we started our trip (we even bought some pepper spray to ease his fears), so that had rubbed off on me a bit. This part of the state is really not known for bear problems at all... no attacks in recent years or anything, though black bears do exist in the area. Mountain lions do too. So, that was a bit frightening. I thought it was maybe the dog of the people camping 50 yards away, but Peter didn't think so. We didn't dwell on it for long and we relaxed again.

After a while we went to bed. I slept in my hammock (it got down to maybe 45 or 50

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