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1/4 to myself

i had always wanted to trip so i thought the best time to do it would be during halloween. so i bought a 1/4 oz of mushrooms and ate them up in my friends room. i am in college and stayed in my dorm for a majority of the trip. i ate the mushrooms with some brownies and watched this movie with samuel l jackson. halfway in things got a little wierd. the skelotons on the walls started moving and stuff and it got hard to breath. so i stepped outside onto the thrid floor balcony. eventually i made it back to my room and lay down on my bed. my room had four people in it and was kinda large. there was a small party going on and people were smoking weed for their first time. so i lay down and things started getting trippier. people were coming in and out in their crazy costumes. awsome. and then someone came in and asked me if i wanted to go to a party, it was then i relized i could not move. my friends got the other guy to leave and i lay there for about an hour or two just tripping out. somewhere during that time my last roommate came back from home and saw me staring into space thinking it was funny, and another friend was hiding under my bed from a girl. then blacked out i got up and ran out of the room and went outside. it was could and this kid that looked like a zombie let me back in. after getting back in i met up with this girl dressed up as alice in wonderland. we met earlier and i thought she was pretty cute and i guess i was still a little blacked out and we were kissing possibly. she then said we have to move and ended up on the staircase and kissed there until the student police found us. turned out i kinda knew one of them but we didnt really tell them that. we got braught to the lobby and they asked us some qwuesitons and let us go. we then went to my first friends room and they were plenty drunk. every once and a while me and alice would start kissing again and i  made some moves on her. then the other people in the room would cheer us on and i would look at them cuz i forgot they were there and they knew i was tripping. but whatever they were all hooking up too. then slowly people left until it was just me and alice. i was starting to come down now off the trip and we started kissing and taking offf our clothes. later poepl started coming back in so we had to stop. i put my clothes back on said goodbye to alice and went back to my room. but before i went back i stopped in the bathrom and took an epic piss and one of my friends was in there and thought it was funnny. later in my room i was talking with alll the people in there and we all reminised about the night and some of the girls made fun of me a little. overall it was an awsome trip and id definitly do it again except not so much and with some more people.

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