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First Trip 1/8

Other Dimension

Alright... My first trip, I'm sorry to say, I was alone. I know I know, the buddy system. Well I had no buddies that could and I wanted to try it. Anyways, I got my single and I ate 3 caps and stems... I started walking down a biking path that lead to FatCats where one of my cousins and closest friend was working. On the way I didn't feel anything(nobody told me it took a while to kick in) and so I took the rest of the eight that I had(like 15mins after the first 3)... Well about five minutes later I got to FatCats and started talking to my cousin. I told him I took the whole bag about 20 minutes ago. He started to laugh and he said "go home now. Your gonna start tripping." So I started on the same path walking home taking my time. Almost home I decided to stop and sit on the train tracks and wait for them to kick in. I started wondering if I got ripped off and they weren't going to work. After a while I decided to go home and listen to music. By the time I got home I started to feel "weird." When I walked everything sorta swayed. YYEEEAAAHHH they were working. So I went onto my roof(its a flat rock roof so it wasn't too dangerous. I sat down and stared at the rocks. I started seeing them move kinda like a river going in all different directions. I started seeing patterns that shouldn't and weren't suppose to be there. I started watching the trees blow in the wind and the clouds change shapes. I looked down on the grass and seen my dog. After staring at him for a while for some reason he noticed me. I stared and him and I never really realized or though about it but, a dog has a real soul and I could tell what he was thinking, how he was just wondering why the hell I was sitting on the roof. Then I realized that I didn't even know. I looked at my watch and it took me a while but I figured out I was up there for 2 hrs. So I walked back into my house, sat on my bed, turned music on, and started to draw(The drawing is in my pics). I didn't even really pay attention to what I was drawing. I was just thinking. I held my breath as long as I could. Then I could feel that it wasn't just my lungs that needed oxygen, it was my whole body. Every part of it down to my toenails. I never realized that. Anyways I just sat there drawing for an hour then I got up and stared in the mirror. My face was scary. It looked like a corps. My skin looked so tight it almost looked like a skull. There were purple bruise spots all over my face and the veins were popping out everywhere.... A little later I could feel me coming down so I grabbed my bowl. I took a couple hits then went to my T.V. and turned on Fantasia. All the sudden I felt like I was living two lives. One was my actual life and the other was like what other people seen. Like I could see myself just laying there on my bed watching T.V. It was like them movies where the guy is in the hospital bed unconscious and his spirit was walking around hearing and seeing everything that was going on. I kinda got worried someone would walk in and I wouldn't be able to even look at them or talk to them. I just sat there in this other dimension trying to figure out how or what to do.... Finally I got to where I could move and look around but then when I stopped I went right back to how I was so I just sat there and enjoyed it till I come down all the way just thinking to myself about the weirdest things. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!

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