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Funniest Trip Ever

About 19 grams dried and 6 Grams in tea

ok so i do not remember much but i will tell what i do remember. OK so i started out sitting in my living room, my friend knocks at the door he says he has brought a shit load of shrooms of unknown strain and potency. we divide up the shrooms into equal portions for tea and munching it is only our second time doing shrooms. we each get 19 grams dry and 6 each for tea, we drink the tea first  and all of it too so we start to feel the effects of the tea but not much and we can not wait for them to kick in so we just down each of our 19 grams, and this is where things get strange we get the uncontrollable urg to run outside. about 45 minutes of doing this and the shrooms really start to take effect, so me and my friend walk up to this vw mini bus and i see it do a transformer type thing and then melt and turn into a dragon. and i black out after i thought i got punched and the last thing i remember is catching a glimpse of the bumper then i pass out. next morning me and my friend wake up in some forested area no clue how we got there but we are naked and can not find our clothing. my friend tells me the last thing he remembers me doing is grabbing and taking the bumper off the vw and dragging down the street. and then laying down and doing the bacon dance like flopping around on the street and then he say he passed out. idk should we have died that night ?or what? but we laughed after anways after we manage to hitch hike back home .

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