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Angles or god?

very weird trip on spice

This story your about to read is not just a trip report, but its own journey.

i just got home from work at about 7:00am i was kinda tired but i decided to light up this big joint of some good spice i had left over. probly smoked a good half gram to my self then laid down in bed. i felt like i was watching tv. little light fragments poped up behind my eye lids and that truned into images that i saw. i thought i heard some one talking to another person but i couldnt see them. i would hear things that they would say it would only be about 2 words or so, but i heard it. i felt like i was blinking alot and i could hear them trying to talk to me when i had my eyes shut for a longer period of time than 1 sec. when i finaly got fed up of not being able to close my eyes i slamed face down into my pillow and coverd my eyes.... as soon as i did that i swear they yelled to me. "YOU CAN ONLY SEE US, WITH YOUR EYES COMPLETLEY SHUT...". i came into this trip per say wanting to know answers i wanted to see them to talk to them, them being whats out there. god maybe or angles, but i wanted to know. so how i interpert this trip is they have answered one of my questions, im not worthy to see them, but if i wish to speak with them i must remain shut off visualy as to not see them before i can have my answers.

i will be editing this post and adding more as i find out new answers

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