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fully immersed in the power of shrooms

14-17grams ingested

This trip happened awhile ago, before i knew anything about this forum, and i wanted to share this with all of you.
My buddy gave me a call in the morning saying he could get an ounce of mushrooms from his friend for $110. I grabbed my scale and went to go get the mushrooms.
The mushrooms were very well taken care, dark blue/purple bruises, and very few caps. He weighed them out infront of me, which gave me confidence in these mushrooms. i had a wonderufl feeling about this day. I grabbed the bag, gave him the $50 and met up with my friend. Along the way i ate my share of the mushrooms ( 17 grams ) and saved the rest for my friend. I personalyl enjoy the taste of mushrooms, and this was a gift to my taste buds. The smell, and taste of the shrooms was very strong. We arrived at my friend house and he took out 3 grams of his share to give to me, i thanked him greatly and chowed down. within 15-20 minutes i was feeling the effects of the half ounce i had just recently injested. I enjoyed a smoke and a joint while exploring the visuals just beggining to appear. I saw orbs of colour spawning from the speaker playing some sphongle ( dont remember the song name ) and i sat in my friends chair letting the visuals come. In a matter of seconds all the orbs of colour started forming into one giant ball of a colour that has no names. the colour turned into a sphere made up of thousands of different faces. The mouths kept opening and closing to the pace of the music and this was a sight to see. At this point i was "stuck in a chair" i couldnt move my arms, or even smoke on my own. My friend put a bong to my mouth and lit the bowl for me as i inhaled. as i exhaled i was shot back into my chair unable ot move and sorrounded by the colours, again more orbs appeared and the morphed into different geometric shapes. I was beginning to think the additional 3 grams were making their appereance. all the colours dissapeared and i jumped out of my chair and wanted to walk outside. My friends came with me and we went to go take a walk. It was incredibly sunny outside and my senses were overloaded, the ground has all sorts of different cololurs i turn around to tell this to my friend and he had one of his plastic garden gnomes perched on the star railing i laughed uncrotrollably at this and sat there for 20 minutes carrying on a conversaiton with the gnome, i dont remember what i was saying. I started to come down and was angry at this, what i thought was only an hour or two, turned out to be 4 hours of me sitting in his chair, starring at the colours and shapes that appeared. After i came down i was unable to speak and was just stuck in awe as to what had occured. this mushroom trip had to have been my favourite out of the many times i've done mushrooms ,and i have yet to dose higher then this, but im hoping to injest a full ounce when i get the chance

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