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True night trip

my second time on shrooms

I had taken shrooms one time before, but had not eaten much of shrooms that weren't that good.  I got a nice feeling, but it was nothing compared to what I got this time.  The shrooms themselves were beautiful; very pale with hints of blue, and the longest stems I had ever seen.  We (my best friend and my girflriend and I) were told that we didn't need as much as usual as they were high quality.  we bought almost a quarter, and divided it three ways.  My share consisted of a massive cap with a long ass stem, a smaller cap (which were more potent), and a few stems.  My girlfriend and I had all of the shrooms on us, and we were going to meet my friend at his house and give him his share. My girlfriend and I got some pizza and ate our shrooms before we got in the car to go to my friends.  It was about a 20 minute drive, and on the way I found myself getting spaced out and lost in the music, though I was not feeling anything strong yet.  By the time we go to my friends house, I was feeling very light headed and giddy, and rushed to give my friend his share.  By the time he had eaten his, I had begun to feel a pressure in my head.  The three of us then went outside and smoked a couple bowls.  I quickly became very stoned, but could definitely feel the shrooms by then.  I began to get a sort of double-image thing, and things got kind of blurry.  As we stayed outside at night and smoked, my surroundings began to change colors; red, blue, purple...  i would get images of things, often pot leaves, when i closed my eyes. it was beautiful.  We lay out on the porch and looked at the stars, feeling incredible.  We had no idea that the trip had barely even begun yet.

As we began to trip fairly hard, we went inside to watch fantasia 2000.  The animation astounded and amazed us, and my friend suddenly decided to go take a shower.  My friends girlfriend, who was only stoned, was left to watch my girflriend and i fall into hysteric fits of laughter while she craddled a shoe, and my friend seemed to be in the shower for hours.  when he finally emerged, we continued to watch the movie.  The screen was so distorted, the sides of it seemed to be liquid, and the man on the screen was swimming in and out of the image, his head expanding and shrinking.  The ending was beautiful, and thousands of ideas for lyrics raced through my confused mind.  We then went outside to smoke some more, our stoned friend having fallen asleep.  After about an hour of smoking outside I realized I had gotten a very strong sensation- my favorite thing from trips- my perception of time.  The whole night, though it had only been a couple hours, seemed to have been an entirity of itself, a journey.  It was only about half way through.  We got the bright idea to walk a couple blocks to a gas station, and we were off.  The night time air amazed us, as did the distant sounds of dogs barking.  We walked through the soft grass of a church and neared the gas station.  One man that we could barely make out sat on his porch, smoking and just watching us. it tripped us out a lot, and my friend suddenly became aware of how hard he was tripping,  we sat there talking, near the gas station with some man watching us for some time, and my friend decided he'd meet us back at the house.  My girlfriend and i, still tripping balls, bought an icee from the BAKED gas station attendent.  On the walk home, we passed by a church's back parking lot... where things got crazy.  We saw a young girl with very pale skin in parking lot, alone... she was convulsing, and she held her arms out like a predator.  It looked exactly like a zombie.  We ran as fast as we could for a few seconds, our hearts pounding, adrenaline rushing, shocked beyond belief.  After a few seconds, I slowed, telling myself i was tripping, and calmed down a lot. but the adrenaline rush was still strong, my trip was GREATLY enhanced.  On the walk back, i saw strange lights everywhere, heard CRAZY voices and dogs and cars, and saw cars surrounding my house. I was completely ditatched, I had no idea what was happening.  We got back to the house, and smoked more, watching my friend take 30 minutes to make a cup of coffee.  We went to his room and watched tv, our trip at its peak.  I remember saying, "i've seen things way to differently now to ever see them the same again". and I havent. it was lifechanging, more so than my good few acid trips.

As we JUST started to come down, my girlfriend told me she was having a bad trip and didnt know if she loved me.  It hurt me, and I was sure it would send me into a bad trip... but it didnt.  With all I had seen... it just gave me a different perspective on anything.  I had a long conversation with her, and learned so much about her and myself.  When she had to leave, i sat in her car with her and listened to some music with her before she left. when she was finally gone, i lay out in the early morning darkness, staring at the sky. i had to take in everthing that happened, my girlfriends words still affecting me so strongly.  I realized something about myself, I have the ability to use my imagination as a medicine, and I had a true understanding of the universe.  That night, i made a decision i NEVER thought i would make: i enjoy shrooms a lot more than acid.  I was happy, and i went inside.  I got something to eat, smoked a bowl, and went to bed, fully refreshed yet still tired the next day.

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