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crazy trip


hi wel this was i think the 3rd time i had usd shrooms because we had to get them ourselfs it started on a saterday i had herd that the was magic mushrooms at this swimming hole that we regulerly go and the were manny cows ther so we swam over this river and had our zipplock bags we hiked up this hill with sharp as spikes all over it made it to tthe top were these mago trees are and the cows sleep there in the day so ther was heaps of shit there it dident take us long to find them so we filled up our bags and we indulged ourselfs there so we start walking back and nothing was happing yet so we swan back witch was really scary we got back to the other side and we sat on a log all of a sudden my friend yelles out at the top of his lungs we were scared, he starts laughing and says it was a butterfly than i start to fell the effects the relaxing feeling the euphoria so we stared walking along the road waiting for my dad to pick all of us up and my mates scraping his feet on the rocky ground and saying this is so awsome so i had to do it to and it was. so my dad shows up we all had to act normal cause we dident want to get in trouble for eating magic mushrooms it was raining and my dads a hood so he was geting sidwards around the corners and had the music up so loaud it was awsome we were listining to holiday and we cam up over a hill and i swear i was flying i looked over my shoulder to my mates in the back seat one of them was laying around the seat like all relaxed and shit and my other one was laughing his head off i had forgot about my dad in the seat next to me so i stard laughing and couldent he must of thought i was a spazz .so we driving and my dad goes to his mates house with all off us in the car still triping hard and we had to go inside and talk to them it was so hard not to be a retart becuse of my mates all off ther heads it was so hard so we finnally gett hm and were still tripping so i had to get outside and walk so we ll went to kfc to get a feed we were laughing at all the cars and the coulers of the sky and the cars coulers were so britght we stayed at this one car for ages staring ant it talking about the colour and how awsome it was so we made it hm and than i just went in my room and watched tv for ages untill i came down ut i love them i carnt wait till next season. 

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