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what a trip it was

anyone come close to this

im from the uk{scotland}
ive been tripping on mushrooms and acid for years{over 20}well over 100 trips,ive lost count to be honest
but ive always wondered how far and heavy you can make a trip
and i found out by accident
ive had  3 micro dots and 4 acid at a time,but ive found that the brittish mushies are something to be recond with
through the years,me and my mates have had shit loads of them
1500 between 3 of us on many occassions etc
500 to myself
lots and lots
but one night in my mates,i brewed some up,there was about 600 or something,
i let them boil away and mashed and mashed them,to get the goodness out them
they were boiling for along time,because my mate had friends in,so we just left them,when i went back to the kitchen,i got rid of the mushrooms and left the water in the pot
15 min later,his mates went away,
i checked the water,it was set like a jelly
it was very consentrated
i added a wee bit water to get it moveing then  made a cup of tea each with it
within 5 min,the trip was on,and it was a trip in a half
i was on the sofa,and the walls were starting to breath,as usual,so was the carpet,i new it was going to be a full on trip,by the way speed it came on
i put my legs out in front of me,and my legs turned to a pencil thinness,i couldnt stop laughing,my mate was in stitches,
we were completely fucked
the trip was getting heavier and heavier
i got off the sofa,and was puting my hands onto my head,they just melted into my head,
i was thinking fucken hell,this is an extreamly heavy trip
as the trip was getting heavier,so was the panic
next my body dissappeared ,so did the walls,floor,windows,there was nothing in the room apart from  bright colours getting mixed around fastlike in a paint pot
i new what was happenning,but it was hard to handle
i sat on the floor,trying to get myself together,but the colours were intense,and i couldnt see anything else,then came a white light
the colours dissappered and a white light came,i thought this is how far it goes
i was shitting myself
as the night went on,i came back down,{thank fuck}
but the next day i had to go to the docs,because i had a sore chest
he said i had pulled a few mussles in my chest,and had scared the shit out of myself

ive had a couple of trips sinse then,but nothing like it
 but i was wondering if anyone out there has been through the same

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