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Frist and Best trip

I was a long boring sunday morning, I had woken up around nine and was delighted to remember that my parents weren't going to be home until later that night.

I was a long boring sunday morning, I had woken up around nine and was delighted to remember that my parents weren't going to be home until later that night. The phone rang and it was one of my best friends calling to form me to go to his house as soon as possible. When I got to his room, I saw my other good friend ( to conceal there idenitities, I friend who invited me over is " Jake", and my other friend is " Max"). Jake quickly slammed to door and opened this locked chest to show us the shrooms that he has just scored, this was a surprise to all of us because it would be out first times.

Since my parents weren't home we went up to my house. First we smoked a bit too much weed for three guys who were about to do shrooms for their first times, but it seemed like a good idea at the moment. As we puffed away Jake pulled out the bag of shrooms, and we dicided what we were going to eat. Jake and I were going to do eat a few and split a big one that was connected at the bottom, we called it the "TWIN". Max was not going to have as much as Jake and I were, but he still ate some. I made a toast to a new world of happiness, and we chummped them down, dispite the taste of cardboard that the Mushies gave to us, we still enjoyed them. I still remember that Max spitt a little chunk that was between his teeth out, and it went on the floor, and my 10 pound dog licked it up, I can't help but wonder if she felt it. We decided to leave, and we made the long walk up to the mall because we had no ride.

The wierd part is, Niether I, Max, or Jake remember one thing about that walk. We got to Burger King in which seemed like about 1 or 2 minutes. Jake and I didn't get anything to eat but Max did, this is when the shrooms started to kick in, the room seemed like it was hunderds of yards wide, and we were the only table there in our own world, we could not stop the laughing, nothing could stop the laughing. Everything was slow motion and nothing but laughing made sense. Then this Mom we know walked in, and was headed our way, quickly the laughing was held in, and Max, who has had the least shrooms was doing the talking, as Jake and I just looked out the window at the color changing sky. She left our table and for some reason Jake thoght she was still there, and it looked like he was talking to a ghost, he ended the conversation with himself and said bye to her when she was still in the bathroom. We needed a place to chill, so we dicided to see a movie.

We bought tickets to Monkey Bone, which is still today the most crazy and weird movie i have ever seen. We were the only ones in the movie which made it great for us to laugh as loud as we wanted. It seemed as if the walls were becoming darker and darker and closing in on us, I put my fingers over my eyes and saw nothing but trees with no leaves on them laughing at me, I thought I was going insane. I ran to the bathroom and splashed water on my face, I can back to find Max with his shirt off in the front row laughing his ass off, and Jake on the side of the movie theater watching a fly he said...I saw no fly. The movie ended as quickly as it started and we were now looking for a ride back to Jakes house, we got a ride tform this chick and when I got out i was covered in sweat for now reason, and had a Cher song in my head. I went home and felt like i was in a battle, I was so tired I fell asleep and woke up late for school monday. I loved shrooms very much, and couldn't wait for my next time.

Hope this gave you some shroom cravings. Peace, and Happy Shroomin'


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