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Second foray into the mushroom

Sought out more but was amazed by what happened

I bought a quarter for my friend and I to enjoy while his parents were out. They were dried cubes that went down well with our pasta dinner. I didn't feel nauseous at all; in fact I munched a few chocolates during the trip. We went into the room with the bumping sound system and laid down some Shpongle and jungle beats. My friend was experiencing shock; a common occurrence for him whenever he takes any kind of drug (even medicine). I told him to relax and enjoy the music and surely enough; he did. I was using my Youtube playlist so I could easily get new songs and I noticed that the picture of the ocean waves was moving. My friend tried to convince me that it was a .gif but I've seen it before and it doesn't happen. At this point nearly 45 minutes into the trip, the effects started.

I took 4.5 grams and my buddy took 2.5, so it made sense that his effects came on slower. I was feeling giggly as fractals started forming beautifully on everything. My friend went into the living room where it was dark and promptly called me over to see his discovery. I laid down on the couch which has an amazing pattern already, and stared at the rippled ceiling. All kinds of Tiki themed shapes were appearing and I even saw the word Shpongle along with Donatello's face. I was laughing so much and everything felt amazing. I noticed many baboon manifestations wherever I looked probably because of the calculus textbook we looked at earlier that has a vibrant one on the cover.

We went back to the room and I laid down on his fish themed covers and just enjoyed life. The closed eye visuals were immense and they made me feel so happy I had to open my eyes periodically. I cried a little out of joy. I was disappointed that I didn't get the cliche trip everyone associates with mushrooms because I increased the dose but everything was pretty much regular save for the fractals and warped objects. I was looking for new objects to manifest and maybe even be talked to by the many cool visuals. I still loved the trip though and I respect the mushroom's effects.

Soon after the peak, I got into thinking about everything, my life, my friends and family, my future, abstract concepts, and reality. It brought me down slightly but soon I understood and was back to having a good time. My buddy started to freak out when the room started getting smaller and smaller like his previous salvia trip and he went to the living room. I didn't understand what was so bad as it seemed like a pretty good hallucination but both of us believe it's an underlying psychological condition he has to deal with. We were on the come-down and he was still not enjoying himself and I felt guilty because It was my idea to eat them. Once I felt more sober I hopped on the bus and went home but my pupil were so big the lights overwhelmed me and my eyes were tearing up.

When I got home I fell asleep pretty quickly and woke up with a bit of a headache. I'm not quite sure if it was the mushrooms or just a regular headache but I was glad I did them. Next time I'll probably increase the dose just to know what it feels like to lose touch with reality but I think that this level was perfect. Thanks for reading.

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