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Birthday Shrooms Trip...fun except for the BRAIN ZAPS

An evening of wackiness

I took about 2.5 shrooms in my tea, and I started to walk with a friend to a small party that was going on with other close friends. I knew it started to hit me because my feet felt like they were bouncing and  I started to laugh at the bank, and other buildings. I also was feeling a little nervous because I realized that a girl I didn't get along with was going to be there.
We kept walking towards the party and suddenly I felt a weird snapping in my head, it felt like an electric zap. It definitely unnerved me and it happened two more times before we got to the house. The third one was so big that I actually shouted "AH!" and ducked, because it hurt. I was worried at that point because I was anticipating the zap, and that there was something going wrong with me in my brain. My left arm also started to feel somewhat heavy and tight, like someone had hit my funny bone. I was getting pretty scared at this point, and anxiety from the zapping thing and the arm heaviness became almost entirely consuming. We got to the house and I was on my way to a bad trip because that girl was there, and everything was very loud and overwhelming and my left arm still felt heavy and I was scared I was going to have a stroke or some other problem.
I went and sat outside with one of my friends and started to feel better when a huge motorcycle just came roaring up the driveway towards us and stopped a foot away from us.  My friend's dad just got off and said "Hey" in a very cool way. I started laughing and said "Nice dirtbike," which annoyed him because obviously it was a fairly majestic motorcycle. I started getting really nervous because my arm was starting to get a numb feeling and the motorcycle had tripped me out and that girl was still there. I started to look for a way to take the edge off of the high, and my friends all said that really there was nothing that could actually help. just time.
So, I went and sat outside again with a different friend who had done shrooms 13 times in various quantities. He explained to me that my arm was probably a body buzz, and that it's not actually numb, and he proved this by poking it and pinching it. He then told me to remember that I took drugs to have fun, and if I feel weird, it's because I'm on drugs. Then we just started laughing and he did a bunch of goofy things to cheer me up. From that point on, it was a night of awesomeness and hilarity! Plus, the girl left.
Everything was making me laugh, there was a kid there that was talking about some game called Dwarf Fortress that sounded just ridiculous, and people were giving me gifts.  One of my friends stopped by with a present wrapped in newspaper and it took me ages to unwrap, and we were laughing the whole time. The tree above me looked like it had faces and was moving towards me and there was purple light everywhere. Peoples outlines were vaguely blurry and their faces looked very strange.
I spent a long time struggling with the lock on the bathroom door, and one friend came in to help me. Unfortunately, he ended up getting locked in there with me, and we just laughed. He left, and I still struggled with the lock. Eventually I got it...
I walked a block with my friend who was going to drive home to her car, so she could give me a ride back to the house. The car felt crazy, the ceiling was spongy and I felt like I was in a space shuttle. I was laughing the whole time, and everything this time had a blue tinge to it. I went back inside, admiring the driveway because it was glittering, and laid down next to my friend. Her arm hair looked like it was made of gold and I spent a while just telling her about how much I loved her arm.
After a while, my boyfriend showed up with a present for me- an interactive Arthur doll. I spent AGES just chillin' with this guy. He was great because he kept telling me how cool I was.
At one point, I went and sat alone in a room and realized that I was everywhere. I was thinking multiple things at once, and I felt like I was everywhere. I had completely lost track of time, and I realized how much I loved life. I was everywhere in myself simultaneously and I was thinking a number of different things at once. The walls were moving and breathing and melting, but in a pleasant way. The floor was swelling and my body parts looked bumpy and funny.
Finally, I began to come down, but still felt occasional twangs of nervousness because my arm felt weird the whole evening. Other than that, it was a greaaat time! =D

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