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fun shroom trip, introducing my brother and some friends to shrooms.

about 10g's of Ps. mexicana sclerotia

So me (Frank), my brother (Paul), his girlfriend (Julia) and her twin sister (Liz) went to the smartshop a couple of days ago and we got us two doses of Ps. mexicana sclerotia containing 15g's each, and some weed from the coffeeshop. we got back home, told mom we ate at the twin's house and munched them, dividing the dose into three for Paul, Julia and Frank. Liz was just smoking.
My brother and me are writing this trip report together, so we write it in nobody's point of view, like you're reading a book.
So first Paul and Julia munched on the little 'nuts', while Frank and Liz were smoking out of Frank's pipe, a little too much if you ask me haha. (mom was still in the house and so was sister so Frank freaked out a little as his whole room was stinkin of weed smoke. after that Julia became quite nauseous, so she went upstairs with Paul to lay in his bed and calm down a little. Originally Paul and Julia were gonna trip alone, but since it was their first time doing so they both left 5 g's for later. Later on Frank went upstairs to Paul's room and he asked if he could finish the shrooms, Paul and Julia said yes. So being a tough guy as Frank is he put the rest of the Truffles in his mouth and chewed on them for a while, then swallowed them. Right after that he became really nauseous and freaked out, due to mom being in the house. He felt like he was gonna have a huge bad trip because he was already really high on the weed and had a hard time acting cool in front of mom. Paul was laying on bed with Julia looking at the ceiling having a hard time figuring if the ceiling was straight or not. At this time things became a little confusing so they all agreed they should go outside and go to a park. And here things escalated from bad to.. great for Frank. His paranoia dissapeared and so did his nausea. Everything was beautiful and the trip was about to get started.
So we walked downtown, and it had been raining the last couple of days, so you guess it, yes! Mushrooms everywhere! So first we went to the supermarket and on the way there we came across a field of artificial grass, the trippers were walking there while suddenly Julia noticed the grass was bubbly, and not flat like it was supposed to be. Paul and Frank shared this experience with her. Then they went to the Supermarket, where Frank had to go in alone, because Paul and Julia had a hard time acting straight, and Liz was kinda nauseous because of the weed she smoked. So Frank went in, got some groceries, went back to the rest only to find out he forgot something. Then Paul got the rest of the groceries and went straight home with Julia to deliver them to mom. Meanwhile Frank was skinning up a joint with Liz, and when Paul and Julia came back they smoked some. Then a friend of Paul and Frank came by, his name is Matthijs. He's 29, and gets high all the time. (God bless the Netherlands, where it is possible! Fuck the American drug laws haha) So he rolled up a joint with his shwag weed, which he got from a dealer. Never buy weed from a dealer in Holland by the way, unless he got some really dank shit, or if you're not 18 and you got no one to go to the coffeeshop for you. But anyway, where we were sitting and smoking our joints the road was crooked and out of place, well everything was kinda out of place. So we traded joints, smoked some, and left Matthijs to go to the park of mushrooms :p.
While at this park we just set down in the light of the sunset. It was amazing there, the grass was wet from the dew and it reflected the light of the sun, so beautiful! Paul and Julia saw the grass breathing/bubbling and Frank was just staring in awe at the sunset and the grass blades which were waving and moving and just amazing. Then suddenly they all noticed all the mushrooms that were growing around us. Frank got really ecstatic and started picking them and throwing them at Paul, Julia and Liz. This is when the mushroom fight broke out, which was hella funny. It was Frank against the rest. Paul, Julia and Liz were picking mushrooms and throwing them back at Frank. Frank ran away and found a huge mushroom which he threw back from a distance. If it wasn't for him calling "Fore!!" it would have splattered right in Paul's face! So eventually we stopped throwing mushrooms and got back into peace again. Then all of a sudden Julia said "Try not to think of anything", which fucked with our heads, that was funny as hell. When trying not to think of anything Frank was just sitting there and got this funny feeling of being connected to Earth. He felt like he was just a guy sitting on a floating rock, filled with life and beauty, kinda hard to explain. Paul was having funny visuals when looking at Liz's face, her face suddenly looked really fat! and when she closed her eyes they grew towards each other, almost touching. But Frank still thought she looked beautiful. So after sitting in this park for like 2 hours Frank and Liz went to the snack bar to get some french fries and cigarettes. Paul and Julia remained at the park. Later on Julia also wanted to leave but Paul didn't. they shared the bicycle, and Paul didn't want to give her the keys, so Julia started walking with the locked bicycle, and Paul was laughing at Julia for not being able to ride the bicycle. And whenever Julia got out of sight Paul would run past her, sit down, watched her struggle with the bicycle, wait, and repeat. So finally he decided they should go to the snack bar as well, and while cycling out of the park we was just staring around like a nutter just thinking, "wow, this park is hella beautiful!". So they got to the snack bar, hung out with Liz and Frank, and ordered some food. Frank went outside with Liz and sat down on the ground to smoke some cigarettes. they ended up smoking like 6 cigarettes a person, they just tasted so good all of a sudden! The trip ended here leaving us all feeling a little funny and the twins went home, Frank was happy because he finally got his goodbye kiss from Liz. But then her father came out suddenly so they had to cut it out, but he didn't notice though, or he didn't care. Right after that Paul and Frank went to hang out with this guy Douwe, recollecting the experiences of our trip and sharing them with him. Then they all went home. Frank had some weird ass dreams that night too, like standing in an apartment building which was spinning around and bending over like an attraction in an amusement park, but not feeling it accelerating. Really odd.
Well this was our last trip so far, but there are many more to come I can assure you that!
Thanks for reading and please leave a comment saying what you think!
Endless Peace and Love from Holland!

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