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Opinions on Salvia Journeys

My view on a Salvia Journey/My favorite Journey

          For me, i find when a person is trying salvia he or she is transported to another world in a matter of seconds. But the person is kept inside a wide shell of geometric shapes that make up  transparent walls. Which then turn into more complex shapes and objects like trains or fences etc. Anything your mind can put together. They come to you, like friends, parents, anything you love. These objects aren't like the ones in our reality, they have souls, which animate them and give them personalities. Almost like the hallucinations are vessels for the other worldly spirits to display themselves.
                   Ill quickly give an example: I saw a train on one of my journeys, it kept coming at me and going through me. I felt all of the emotions i would towards my family. Love, trust, and desire to be good in order to impress. Since the train could not speak I feel like the train itself was taping into my emotions in order to communicate. Telling me "its okay, im as harmless as your family i want you to feel safe". Like it was trying to comfort me. 
                Back to my overview of tripping on salv. One moment the voyager is in reality then with a blink of an eye, all is forgotten. The strange world he or she wakes up to appears to be their's (i actually feel like i black out for a second like im going through a vortex), this is where they've always been and lived. It's different, as though recalling a strange memory which is oddly comfortable, if accepted, and the person wishes to return when the trip leaves. After all the geometric shapes are gone, the person is left with a feeling of loneliness and confusion because theyre back to reality. But if the person stays calm, within the next 30 seconds it'll all be a memory and he/she is back in place within the real world and all is normal. Like returning home after a long vacation. 
              This is why i think people dislike salvia, they're too adjusted to the real world. When they're thrown into the salvia world they freak. An open mind is truly necessary to have a happy trip. Say things like "this is cool, i accept this. Nothing bad is going to happen my body is still safe and in the real world. My mind is here only temporarily. This is happy, Let me enjoy this, don't force it, let it take you, it'll be over soon" A door will slap a tripper in the face if you don't respect what it's offering you. That's kindness on it's part, if it really doesn't like the tripper, it'll grab he/she and throw him so fast around it's world that they'll never want to venture back again. 
             I have never experienced a bad trip on salvia because i'm open to it and i try to do as little thinking as possible. Sometimes it wont take a person to its world, itll come to the person. For example, recognition of real world objects or people will be possible, but they'll be covered by a blanket of geometric shapes and little other world objects will come to dance around your vision as well. I've experienced this and will try to sum it up best i can (i'm terrible at explaining myself and will understand if you're totally lost.)
           Oh by the way, if you're a first timer and want to stay interested in this drug, don't buy 100X just to get fucked up. I have never gone passed 20X or 25X. Why? Because i know i don't need to and i have respect. But people are different and who cares haha just make sure you talk about it. So me and my friend got together at my house on a Saturday night, made a water bottle bong, and went outside on my porch to journey. No one was home besides us, thank god because we got LOUD haha. It was his first time trying Salvia and he wanted me to go first. I kinda didn't want to but i went for it. I took a hit, and then held in the 2nd for a half a minute. I felt it immediately after i let the smoke out. Just a wave of energy which leads to uncontrollable laughter. Then soon after, with a light headed feeling like you're flying you begin to see the other world. It came to me this time. I couldn't hear anything in reality only my blood pumping which turned into a high pitched theme song for the duration of my trip. Like elves singing to me. It was night and everything began to get darker then light colored tetris blocks began appearing and covering everything like snow. You'll find a URL link at the end which is almost exactly what these blocks look like, but they blend in with what your looking at, are much smaller, and move like millions of tiny bugs. I lost possibly most control over my actions, but i meant no harm i just wanted to explore. I began looking around my brick porch and saw my friend who was watching me intently. His skin was covered by these tetris bugs and i laughed in his face as he seemed to sway like waves. A person really cant talk while they're on Salv. My burst of laughter intensified the trip, and knowing I could handle more it brought me just that. 
       I looked toward my green wooden door and a colorful fence with ribbons started going across my vision. I watched it and felt mystery, what was this? Then i felt kindness/a journey from it and realized it was the trip itself. It went left and right never ending, both ways i looked, it kept going forever. I became a little freaked because i thought this was a symbol for me being stuck here forever. But strangely, it allowed me to take a step back and say "this is just the drug, im still here, its not me" I was very thankful for this but realized i could not get back to the same level i left in order to stay calm. I could still see the fence but it seemed dulled and an ending was coming, i could feel it. I felt sad, i didn't want it to go. I kept saying "its leaving me i can see the trip but its going" Like a wave goodbye, i could see the end of the fence go off to the right too far for me to see and the ribbons trailed off, ripped at the end, as though dieing and then, gone. 
      I was extremely confused since everything i was focusing on had now vanished but i came back to reality. I then looked over to my friend and said, "I actually saw my trip, it portrayed itself as a fence! It was fucking baller your turn!" He said something like "dude i don't even know what that means this is awesome!" He was apparently very amused by my performance and i was happy since i set a good example and hope for him. He some how managed to open the door while tripping and get inside my house. Once he did he started mumbling loudly andbowed on his knees to my christmas tree. hes jewish.
           I haven't done salvia since. But i could put up a follow up story where i went to the other world and appeared in a cartoon train station. I'm looking more into other options like Magic___ and E. I feel this drug gave me a great basis to explore other alternatives. Remembering my experiences is like getting a hug. A couple weeks ago i tried benadryl then morning glory seeds. Benadryl was like this is gonna be awesome! 5 mins later "god im really tired..ZZZ.." Morning glory went like "Awww nice MG seed heaven here i come, whoa that ceiling looks  weird, i don't feel to good better  not sleep...ZZZ..".*wake up* "omg im dieing" *throws up* "is that dirt?! oh no thats just the grinded up seed shit i ate. okay back to sleep." Salvia so far is my drug, DO IT but be smart. Happy Tripping Peace and Love

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