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Craziest trip ever!!

please give your input on what happened

OK. so the very first time i tripped i had 1/8th with one of my friends. We chowed the nasty shit down with some micky d's so my stomach wasnt empty. We started watching a movie n i was rolling a blunt and that was the last clear memory i had until i woke the next morning with no clear memory of what happened. That day my friends explained what happend.. They said i rolled an amazing 8 gram blunt that we started smoking that night n put out 4 later which i kinda remember. My friend drove me n him to a party of like 15 where everyone was tripping in one room. They said i was sitting next to some girl who asked who i was and i said i didnt know. They said i was basically just out of it the whole night. People kept trying to get me to light my huge blunt n i was too fucked up to even comprehend. they thought i was dyeing. lol. As fucked up as i was my girlfriend said i was texting her the whole night with really weird texts saying i was lost n shit and scared her. I do remember i felt like i was living in a real life dream where i thought i was actually doing stuff talking to people but they said i was sitting in the same spot. when it was time to go they stood me up and i just dropped. They said my legs where like rubber, so 4 guys had to carry me to the car where somehow i jumped out and was laying on the ground when they turned their backs to me. When we got back to my friends house me n him went for a walk n i kept trying to smoke a cigarette but i kept snapping them in half when i tried to ash. we smoked the blunt n i passed out for the night. and they also told me i kept saying THE COPS ARE HERE THE COPS ARE HERE the whole time

Ive tripped 2 more times after that night and had nothing ever come close to that. Im guessing that i just blacked out but im not sure n would like to know. 
The third time i did trip on shrooms i also took a hit of saliva n i had another weird real life dream type thing but i did remember everything that happened.

So what do you think happened?

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