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mushrooms and my enlightened epiphany

this experience sent me into another dimension of time and space and gave me a higher perspective on all that is. I connect with my higher self and had a profound personal awakening.

Mushrooms temporarily dissolved my ego and allowed me to view my life and greater reality from a higher perspective through eyes of love and compassion, through the eyes of my higher self. I could see that every personal tragedy along with every moment of joyful bliss I had experienced had been drawn to me as part of Divine plan for my own personal growth and evolution. It was as though I popped into a different dimension of time and space and was able to see things from an entirely different perspective. From this perspective I could feel that time was illusory, something limited to our 3-dimensional world. The past, present, and future, are all happening simultaneously. I felt into past lives and received snapshot visions of past and future events. From this dimension outside of our normal understanding of time, I could see that this reality was nothing more than a gigantic school. A kindergarten of the multidimensional galactic universe where we learn 3-dimensional lessons of duality. Only after we have evolved our soul to a higher level will we be allowed to enter into the higher dimensions. I felt a connection to "my higher self" and knew that all the things I considered myself; my personality, my body, and all my life experiences, where but a fragment of my true self. I realized my true higher self was a reflection of God. I realized God was within me and within all. I gained a fresh perspective on the Bible verse "God made man in his image." I realized that we are all interconnected. We are all the same, it is only ego that separates us. We are all evolving with God back to source, which is love and light. Every cell in our bodies is evolving as is the entire universe. I felt a very strong connection to my mother, as though our souls were connected somehow and that we may have shared a connection in past lives. I was a more than a little overwhelmed by the entire experience and wasn’t in complete control. However, I think that the meditation, singing prayers of love, and thinking about certain aspects of my life helped me gain the most from the experience and helped me integrate the experience in what otherwise could have been a completely disorienting and sensory overloaded experience.

An interesting thing that I also was able to see, was how throughout my life, I had been gathering small little pieces of the puzzle, trying to put it all together. That night, as I lay on my bed looking at my Tree of Life and Sun tapestries with sacred geometry, my prayer flags, my crystal pyramid, and all my books about spirituality, out of body experiences, higher powers of the mind, 2012 and the galactic cycles, aliens and their messages for humanity...I realized that I had been striving for truth about God and our place in the Universe my entire life. I realized that for the most part, I have always been striving for connection with my higher self and I realized that was part of my personal evolution. I felt how all of those physical objects had come into my life and the greater reasons for them being there.

Sadly, my newfound enlightened perspective soon faded. My normal limited consciousness can’t maintain that level of awareness on a day-to-day basis. Looking back on those experiences, I can’t help but remember the "Ah-ha" feeling of understanding some concepts that defy the logic of our minds and that we usually can’t perceive or fully comprehend in our limited consciousness. I am not surprised that the scientist who figured out our double helix DNA structure was on LSD when he made the discovery. People may think that I was in an altered illusory state brought on by the magic mushrooms, however, I would argue that we are all living in an illusory world and the magic mushrooms helped me realize that.


From time to time I will eat mushrooms as part of an ongoing routine with the ultimate goal of being in a constant state of enlightenment, connected to my higher self, and using my gifts to help others. This routine includes meditation, reading, occasionally smoking dmt, being very careful what I put into my body, listening to certain sound frequencies as part of my remote viewing endeavors and DNA activation, and opening my third eye/activating my pineal gland. I am also going to continue my astral projection and lucid dreaming practices. I am going to continue to exercise daily and get lots of sunlight. I am also going to constantly monitor my thoughts and make it a habit to only think constructive thoughts that help make the world a better place. I can intuitively sense that I am supposed to work with peacock feathers and crystals as part of my spiritual development. I also believe there is definitely something to 2012 and I can sense that my awakening is part of a greater awakening happening to humanity on a global level that will help usher in the new paradigm of joy, peace, love, and abundance for all. It’s happening!!!!!

Once one realizes certain truths about our reality, the implications of those truths begin to set in. For example, if you believe in angels, you must realize that they exist on another dimension. Thus, you must accept the fact that there are higher dimensions in which conscious, intelligent, and loving beings exist. These dimension are just as "real" if not more "real" than the 3-dimensional reality we currently live in.

If you believe in aliens and realize that many are 3-dimensional beings like us and that they travel to this planet from light years away, then you must accept the fact that they have learned to manipulate time/space for travel in their beamships. With this acknowledgment, you must accept the fact that our understanding of time/space is incomplete and elementary.

If you look at the facts of the great pyramids, including ones underwater where the coral that is growing on them has been carbon dated to over 10,000 years old, you must realize that we aren’t the first intelligent life forms to occupy this planet. If you look into the evidence of the great pyramids, you will realize that it is absolutely incomprehensible and illogical to think that they were created by man.

In fact, the evidence is overwhelming that they were created by what the Egyptians called "Sun Gods."

If you look into the history of the psychedelic mushroom and how it relates to spirituality and experiencing other dimensions, you will find that since the beginning of recorded history man has used this sacred "food of the Gods" in all manner of religion. In Latin, "psyche" means "mind," while "delic," or "delos," means to "make clear or visible." Therefore, psychedelic literally means "making the mind clear or visible."

From my perspective there are three "general" world views concerning our place in the cosmos. Some believe that our entire existence is just given to chance. The big bang created the universe, and out of just the right combination of elements and conditions, life slowly evolved from single celled organisms.

Other people would have us believe that God created the heavens and the earth and bestowed upon humanity the gift of free will which we have misused and abused, taken many wrong turns, and now are suffering the consequences of all those bad decisions. In this view, God either didn’t foresee our choices that would lead us into war and violence with each other, which implies a less than all-powerful, all-knowing creator, or he did and allowed us to make those decisions anyway. Some people actually believe God is punishing humanity for their sins and transgressions.

The third world view, which is the one I hold, is that God, the ultimate source of Love and Light, created all that is, all that has ever been, and all that will ever be, knowing full well the choices we would make, which were part of his Divine plan all along. He allowed us to make these choices because through experiencing the full range of human emotions, from the depths of tragedy, pain, sorrow, hate, anger, and fear, to the heights of ecstacy, compassion, forgiveness, joy, peace, and love, we evolve our souls and learn lessons that will help us to eventually understand all that is. It is my belief that the higher dimensions are absent of suffering and pain. Once we choose the true path of love and light for ourselves, we will be ushered into the higher dimensions of love and light upon death of our physical body. Every soul is on their own path of evolution, and it is not our place to judge those living in the lower vibrations. It is the nature of living in the light that compels one to help others. It is our calling to help show people the way. It is my belief that every soul will eventually find the light, although it will take many lifetimes for some to learn the necessary lessons and get it right. From my perspective on mushrooms, I could see that this reality is not nearly as real as we all feel and think it is. Thus, the suffering and pain that happens here is equally illusory.

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