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Strongest, best trip I've had to date

4.5 grams Psilocybe subaeruginosa

This was only my 3rd trip, and I wanted to trip hard before the picking season ended. I allways pick my own mushrooms and I planned on eating as many as I could find that day. The season was almost over but I managed to find 19 mushrooms, so after picking I headed home to setup for the trip.

I live in the mountains/hills of Australia so I allways trip at home just for the perfect setting. I weighed the mushrooms at 45 grams wet (equivalent to about 4.5 grams dry), and then started by eating 14 with orange juice at 11am. I had never made mushroom tea before so I saved 5 and made tea while I waited for the 14 to take effect, I had the ipod going on an 8 hour playlist that I allways use when I trip, it seems to gurantee a good trip every time for me.

I put the tea in a water bottle and walked out side into the forrest where there's a hammock and chilled there for a bit. One hour later I was only feeling the body high and heightened hearing ability, I went back up outside the house and lay on the grass and drank all the tea. I looked at the sky and started to get the first altered visual perceptions, I didnt have closed eye visuals yet like I usually do at this stage but I started to watch the clouds, they didnt seem close, or far away, they swirled together quickly and then moved out around the sky. I put my hat over my face to block out the light to see if I could achieve any CEV's, I didnt get any but I started to stare at the inside of my hat with my eyes open, all I saw were unfocused blobs, the threads of the material were too close to focus on, but I got this weird thing happening where I started to focus on these blobs and it was like they were a refection of my eyes and I could see back into them and see lines and squiggles moving around like electricity, this was really cool and hard to explain, but it went great with the music and when I slowly closed my eyes I got this cool effect of all the threads from my hat closing around eachother, I still didnt get CEV's but I didn't care anymore, this was better!

I stood up again and went inside the house, it was about 12:30 at this stage and the effects were allready strong, just walking felt very different, but I felt euphoric at the same and was having a hell of a good time. I lay on my bed with my eyes closed and got some of the greatest CEV's I've had, like a spinning 3 dimensional ring with realistic looking human eyes on the outside, days later this inspired some cool psychedelic artworks from me haha.

I went back outside at 1pm and was blown away by the way my eyes and brain were perceiving things, the bunches of leaves on all the trees were swirling and melting in a very psychedelic way and I had an awesome time walking into the valley around the moutains. Me and my friends built a tree house down there some time ago with multiple floors, the highest being around 8 meters (26 ft), the view is really cool from the top so I climbed to the highest floor and sat on the platform, the music was great and I was having a blast, I stared into the view and it felt quite indescribable, the patterns on the wood created amazing psychedelic patterns and as much as I tried to make sense of them and focus on them they just intensified. I climbed up higher into the tree above the platform about 10 meters up (32 ft). This may sound dangerous under the influence of mushrooms but im an experienced climber and its a relatively safe tree to climb that I had done many times before. I felt higher and happier up there than ever before, I felt connected with the tree, I dug at the bark and pulled it apart and it felt great on my hands, usually I'd be worrying about spider bites and getting sap and shit all over my hands but I couldnt care less at that moment, I was just inlove with the feeling of this tree hahaha. I went back down to the 8 meter platform and started to feel emotion through everything I thought about or looked at, this was a really new experience for me on mushrooms and I really liked it. I would look back up to my house and feel in my heart every thing my house made me feel, its very hard to explain it but it was like the house had a spirit and I just felt the warmth and feeling of home when I looked at it. I thought of my friends and felt every impression I got from them, the happiness and warm feeling, each different with every person I thought of, these feeling arent based on anything physical for example how my best friend looks or sounds or what he does but just like I could feel the warmth of their soul when I thought of them, like a new sense almost, and this feeling was different for each person.

Still sitting in the tree and I closed my eyes and the visuals were completely mind-blowing, it was like flying through a tunnel made of kaleidoscopes extremely fast and with the sunlight shining on my closed eyes it changed the colour to red and orange. I looked into the view and watched the mountains wave and move around, I sat up there for hours and hours melting mountains with my mind.

I finally pulled myself away and went inside, it was only about 15C degrees (59 fahrenheit) outside and before I went outside much earlier I put the heating on so it was hot inside. When I got into my room the warmth felt amazing, I rolled around and melted into everything for a while and then I lay in bed under the covers and felt extremely euphoric, with awesome visuals going of big patterns and symbols, it was dark with only the warm lighting of a candle. I had left my phone with facebook on next to my bed and I picked it up, the usually seemingly pointless stupid facebook status updates from people made sense to me for once, like every message I read I got that warm feeling of that persons soul I described earlier and I flew through this world of feelings and colours for a while until I came down completely.

I rate this my favorite trip to date, I dont think it could have been more perfect. :)

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