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MDA and Valiums

a high unlike any other

i woke up that day with a sense of happines, my good friend/drug dealer told me the night before he was getting a half gram of pure MDA and MDMA, and some valiums. I was filled with joy and that night was very hard to sleep. I went about my day as normal, blazing with my friends waiting for my "j" who we'll call him from now on to arrive. he arrived and before he said anything, he threw me a bag of 8 valiums. i asked him how me i should pay and he said free of charge. another sign that the day was going to be a good one. i bought my MDA from him and waited for my friends birthday party to take it. everyone arrived shortly after, and we talked about our memories while smoking joints and cigarettes. i emptied out the bag of MDA onto my phone. i seperated it into 2 halves. one to rail, one to parachute. immediately upon snorting the MDA i was greeted by the bitter, but sweet drips, and could tell this was going to be quite a journey. when they MDA kicked in, i was amazed. The high was utterly undescribable. The valiums played a great part in this, i wasnt "up" as i normalyl would be with MDA/MDMA but i was "down" because of the valiums, with all the euphoria and effects from the mda. the next 4 or 5 hours went by and i dont remember any of it. the next thing i remember is being in a cemetary where the party was held. and i was behind a tree with my friend doing lines of MDMA. god it tasted amazing. by now the valiums had worn off, and i was in full swing of an mda/mdma high. i blacked out once again. the time was somewhere between 11pm-12am im guessing. i remember walking home, at 2am. i would normally take this journey by bus, but decide to walk and enjoy the outdoors and listen to my music. the walk lasted around 1-2 hours but god it went by fast. i wnet home and somehow managed to fall asleep. i woke up the next day and chatted with the girl i did the lines of m with. i asked her what had happened after we did the lines and she said we went to go fuck in the bushes somewhere. the night was great, i knew that, but im dissapointed that i dontremember most of it. however, somethings are for the best. i hope you enjoy this trip report

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