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Older and Wiser

Sure, eating mushrooms every weekend for a few months in your freshman year of college is fun, but an extended hiatus from the psilocybin coupled with some real world experience, a group of eight close friends who have stood the test of time and an empty beach on a crystal clear Indian summer night is a guaranteed way to blow one's mind.

Sure, eating mushrooms every weekend for a few months in your freshman year of college is fun, but an extended hiatus from the psilocybin coupled with some real world experience, a group of eight close friends who have stood the test of time and an empty beach on a crystal clear Indian summer night is a guaranteed way to blow one's mind.

I haven't eaten shrooms since my junior year of college. Psychedelics lost their appeal to me after a while (coupled with a horrendiously bad trip that involved suffering from the flu - do not eat when sick!!) so I cut them out of my repitoire. With age came the harder shit...a little yea-yo, the extended periods where you feel like popping X every weekend, lots of booze. It all wears you down and gets old quickly. So when my roomate suggested (actually walked into the apartment with an ounce of purple goodness) reintroducing shrooms into the mix, I was game.

I left NYC at about 3 on Friday, psyched to leave the smoldering tragedy of the WTC collapse behind me for the weekend. Hit my friends house down the Jersey shore at about 5. Ahhh, nobody home. Loaded up the fridge with some beers, stuffed a bowl and headed down to the beach. Nothing like a desolate beach (espically on the Jersey shore...thats the tip of long beach island for ya) for some peace and positive reflection. Friends started coming in from Philly and NYC around 7. A few beers among buddies, and then a pot of water on the stove. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat. Add 1 oz. crushed cubenesis. Steep for 20 minutes. Pour into 8 glasses. Imbibe and get ready.

I first noticed it coming on about 15 minutes later while taking a piss in the bathroom. The doiley on top of the toilet just did something weird. Walk back into the living room. Mark Farina's Mushroom Jazz 3 on the stereo (very key). Excited smiles passing between friends. Ahh, they feel it too. Every 5 minutes passing kicks it up a notch. Then you get to the point where you just know its time to head outside. To much stimulus in the living room, plus you really need to smoke a butt and cant indoors.

You hit the darkness of outside and patterns are kinda flashing in the periphery. Look up at the stars. Fuck yeah!, there it is. The sky was clear and the stars were blazing. Hanging there, breathing in and out, oh my goodness I had forgot how much fun this is and remember why I've been jonesing a trip.

Time to hit the beach. The house is at the end of the road, but the walk through the dunes takes about 5 minutes. Its like the degobah system in there: slow going sand, strange patches of dune grass, stunted bushes. All sorts of wierd shit running through the mind and ever so slightly passing before the eyes.

You hit the crest of the dunes and a whole world opens up in front of your eyes. Miles of beach, the roar of the ocean, billions of stars doing crazy shit in the sky.

We walk to the water. Bonus!! The waves on the rocks and clams shells make the most beautiful crunching sound, and when you look down at your feet by the waterline...well the real treat is coming. The pollution of the jersey shore promotes the growth of lots of protozoa and algae and all the shit that can lead up to red tide and whatnot. But it also encourages the growth of phosphoresence. I dont know exactly what type of organism it is, but when you disturb it, as in walking, it glows green for a second. So shuffling feet on the waterline sends little clouds of green wherever you go. Absolutley amazing given the state of mind (and even when sober-imagine that).

So were about over an hour in and I'm feeling really good, but I can't talk to people anymore. Nor do I really want to hear anyones conversation either. I make sure I've got a pack of butts accesible, crack open a fresh beer and head off down the beach.

This is why I like mushrooms. This is awesome. I'm lying on the beach, staring at the sky, listening to the ROAR of the ocean. I feel so at peace. I'm loving where my life is at, so psyched to have so many great friends (whereever they are at this point) sharing in the trip, and really loving the earth and the beauty of this beach. Ahhh, eyes closed, crazy patterns, I open them back up. The whole periphery of my vision begings to pulsate with a a light green, almost like tunnel vision. I remember now, this I how I really peak. The stars are breathing, dripping, the I can feel the roar of the waves all through my soul. Just loving it.

I guess I'm there for about a half hour when a friend walks up and we share in some giggling. Back to the group. Still can't have a decent conversation, but I'll giggle with somebody for 5 minutes, walk to the water, stare at the waves for a minute, or the stars, then back to somebody new.

Gotta song in my head. Summertime rolls by Janes Addiction. Walk back to the house to throw it on the stereo. Some of my friends had ventured back and were inside. An eyes closed session to oh, oh, oh, summertime rolls, then a mini dance party.

People want to head back out to the beach. Its getting colder so I bring my sleeping bag along. My ex-girlfriend, who I still get along with, but haven't spent any real time with in a while, and who is one of the eight intrepid voyagers, is cold. We snuggle under the sleeping bag, staring at the stars for what seemed like forever. I had the most relaxed and friendly, meaningful conversation I've had with that girl in a real long while. Its amazing how far a little dissociation with the everyday reality can go to have you remeber what is sweet and loving about a person.

We venture back into the house, the trip is really fading, despite my efforts since peaking to keep it going with copious amounts of pot smoking. Ahh, booze time. Were up till six drinking beers and Jack Daniels from the bottle.

At breakfast the next morning (early afternoon) the consensus among the group is that this is going to happen again, hopefully fairly soon, and were going to kick it up a notch next time (I thinking adding some nitrous, maybe half a hit of X, maybe push it from an eigth per person towards the quarter level. Really dissociate. Ethereial shit).

Moral of the story: A great trip, glad it had been a while, do it with good friends in the great outdoors, but with easy access to the creature comforts.


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