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5 1/2 grams - 6 grams

Surfing the carpets with aliens.

Alright, a little background before I start to explain this insanely eye-opening, ego-destroying experience. I am a heavy marijuana smoker, but at the time i was on probation so i had stopped taking anything. But, I had smoked from time to time. None-the-less, the awareness, as i like to call it, has been kind of in the back of my mind. I had been working a lot, I'm 20, but I was kicked out of college for a year.  Mushrooms, have always been my " drug " of choice. I'm sort of an apathetic person by nature, I have a great heart for humanity, but sometimes, I just want to watch it burn. With that being said, I get confused a lot, and tend to over-analyze..

Well, it was the day after christmas: 12-26-2009 6:30 P.M.
My friends S + C, had the connect for some mushies.So, being the day after christmas and i had just gotten paid.. We all gathered up like near 200$, and i set up to buy an ounce for us all, us being four(originally), and to trip again in a couple of weeks. So When we finally called and got ahold of him, we got in the car and headed to a couple of cities over to get em. On the way there, we ended up feeling anxious, and that was the only thing we were talking about..I love memories, and I had talked about previous trips and other psychedelic experiences.. Unfortunately, mushrooms are hard to run by, so this is an exciting time for us all.. Well, we handed the money, etc,etc... ( One odd thing is that they were mainly all caps, which i heard was a good thing, so almost an ounce of all caps were in our hands..) Not sure of the strain, but, skip to the apartment...

The apartment ( The Trip ) 7:30 P.M.
Okay, a lot of this is going to be hard to recall.. But that's the reason for me writing this, to remember what had happened. Okay, so we was so excited that we just started eating the mushrooms.. I ate about..15 caps in all..I'm not quite sure how much this is.. but I know I had eaten the most out of everyone..Now, we had a first time tripper..S..and C was her boyfriend who was pretty experienced with them, My girlfriend(W), had done them a lot before, but she wanted to eat 5 grams.. S.. ate about an eighth.. C.. ate a little less than me... and my girlfriend ate a little less than C.. So, yeah we still had a lot of mushrooms left.
Once we were done consuming, we waited about 15 minutes, and i swore i could already feel them.. I walked into the bathroom, and i could feel myself asking " Why did you eat that many? " " That wasn't the best of ideas" " Nothing you can do now, just ride it out."  I could see my body begin to barely pulse with rainbow patterns on one side of my face. Not very apparent, but it wasn't even all that long after..( T: 30 ) People were coming over, and everyone in the apartment were tripping... So. I walked into one of the bedrooms and laid down, i was the only one in there, thinking to myself, " Why?" " Things are going wrong already", So i closed my ears and could hear a slow bubbling noise, and it had a tone that was elevating...slowly, but the higher the tone rose the higher i was getting......and near when i couldn't hold my ears closed any longer, I heard a swirling sound( like a ceiling fan ), suddenly.. after the sounds were intense enough to drive someone completely mad... i opened my eyes and ears.. and there was nothing. I was sober, I turned around and looked, there were five people in the living room.. C+S+W+ another couple of my friends.. i turned back around and closed my eyes( At this point in time I checked the time) (T: 45!!)
I couldn't believe it.. I started to feel it again, but it felt outward, not inward this time... This is where most people could find this hard to believe.. I opened my eyes and looked to the right( I was lying on my stomach ), and I could see a Huge GREEN OBJECT, I just gazed at it in horror, in amazement, i couldn't fully get a good look at it, And I swear, it looked like.. an alien. Like a typical alien, you would think of, except it was smiling.. with big black eyes.. So, I closed my eyes, and started to laugh.. Almost, like it communicated to me, it said that I was worrying about myself, and i was not understanding it.. I started to feel very warm, and started to sweat. I, felt, like I was being possessed, like this alien spirit was attempting to channel itself through me. So i stood up, and was fully tripping.. I was almost, dizzy, from looking around at all the madness, the only way i truly wanted it. Right? How else is it supposed to be? No other way.. I was very comfortable with that thought..( T: 1:00 ).. I walked in and sat down, When i tried to conversate, it would come out weird, but everyone else was fine with the way it sounded.. Like everything i said or thought, was being thrown back at me.. I would just stop midsentence.. and look up and silence my mind.. The walls were crawling with colors in between.. Very intense.

The party at the apartment ( Shit starts to get crazy) 9:00 P.M.
This trip was so hard on my ego, it destroyed me, who i was, and sent me to other realms of beauty and horror that were continuously shifting between the two. It was scary, profound, beautiful, hideous, and i needed it all. To grow, to learn and to share and feel the love. But, back to the story, about ( T: 1:30) people were showing up and at this time i was back in the room, with the door shut, we were all talking and i could finally ( I thought ) feel a little bit of tension loosening up and I was just chilling now.. This peace of mind didn't last long, People were showing up, left and right, and it started to feel overwhelming, again this time more intense, and i was just watching everyone pass by me, laughing, playing, loud, and i knew the secret was to just observe. But, I was chain smoking, and this girl who was about 15, came in the room, and looked at me with alcohol in her hand, giggled, gave me a weird look and ran out. I felt normal again, and was smoking, my fifth cig, now it seemed like a million people were crammed in this small apartment, being very loud, and drunk, but my time perception was soooooo off. Well, let's get to a point i can recall clearly, I looked at S, and asked her, "how is it?" She said, " What the hell going on?", i didn't reply, and you could see that she was nervous, One thing, is to never interfere with someones experience, even if they are a little frightened. But, she started to get sick, and threw up on all of the covers that were lying around. It was black...So she said( What's that?!!)  I said that it was chocolate and that I had told her not to eat. She looked a little relieved about that. We were a mess,all of us. I felt sane, the only one.. Everyone was acting crazy, but was I?? These thoughts are what prevoked the next hour of my experience...

I stood up and walked out of the room, the apartment was full of people who were really loud, and suddenly a knock at the door.... a knock...and no one was answering... no one was coming in... knock..knock....... My girl was out of her mind.. she was screaming and yelling at people to quite down..  She then apologized to everyone for yelling.. It was hysterical looking back, but it was all so loud.. Everyone was sooooo loud... But in reality everyone was normal. My paranoia was unbelievable, it was what ruined this experience.. up until this point...

10:00 P.M.
I started to feel remorse, for everyone, for my girlfriend, everything was sooo beautiful again, and the overwhelming presence was back, I began to cry, began to give in...Finally after all of the battles with my ego, and everyone else, I let go, it felt so liberating, but i was soooo sad, so compassionate,so enlightened, i wasn't afraid anymore, my girlfriend and i remorsed about what we had done, and it felt so sincere, so not about us, not limited.. We weren't drinking, not smoking weed, we felt as one, as if we could predict each others every thought. After our session, i felt cleansed, and strangely like i was being laughed at by the alien.. This, is the only reason i posted this is to correctly recall this.

The encounter..The light..
This is my peak experience, i was alone, in the bedroom, and i could feel a prescence, I felt the urge to look up at the ceiling, and everything started to sound and feel distant, i felt invincible, empowered, and egoless, my fear of anything subsided...Everything finally fit, i closed my eyes and watched the trail lead back to birth and how everyone came to act the way they acted...But, not me, not anymore.. I was to be everything now...I was complete. So, i felt like it was time To go......... Like it was the end..When i looked at the spirals on the white ceiling, they were each portals into hyperspace.. and the alien prescence..was inviting me, to go....I let go, and was leaving with them...Was becoming one with them, i was leaving my body and leaving everything behind... yes.. i was about to transcend to the beyond and see what's never been seen.. THEN A FUCKING PERSON busts through the door and i looked over and looked back up and it was over... I closed my eyes and saw the light waving to me...GOODBYE, no, i was there, it's like the feeling when you are left behind, like when your bus leaves... I was upset, but, i was infused with some enlightenment..That since has not left me, i can tap into the truth, into the egoless state..Nearly every day.
I haven't had another mushroom trip, only one other like a week later that was minor..no visuals and minor insight.. i want to travel a little farther.. Maybe one day i will.. The time will be right.. I am becoming.

So, it was at the end of my trip, and i was coming down...quickly, and it was almost over..So, i had a few drinks, and ended the night.. My girlfriend was scarred, this was an even more intense experience for her..I wished it was more clear to me what exactly happened. I lost myself, and my memory entirely that night..and that's about all i could bring back..I have had other experiences, but this was the most profound VISUALLY, now mentally, I have had bigger trips. and more profound experiences.
Peace, and happy tripping..
Total Tripping time: 5 hrs
Peak -- 31/2 - 4 hrs

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