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First trip - 3.5g dried and a lot of bud

A bad trip

   I am 17 years old and started smoking cannabis about a year ago and instantly got hooked. I smoked about 5 grams a day... alone, with friends, and for any occasion - it had just became a way of life for me. I was hanging out with a smoking friend one day when shrooms were brought up and he suggested we try them because pot was just "losing it's edge". Well, I have plenty of friends that trip shrooms often so I did not think it was a big deal and picked up a quarter one day and invited my friend to stay the night... After a nice meal we decided it was time to trip, even though my parents were downstairs; we were extremely anxious to see what all of the buzz was about. We weighed out a gram a piece and quickly ate them along with having something to drink and decided to go smoke out of the biggest, hardest hitting bong we had - a blown glass bob marley bong. After about two bowls we decided everything was going smoothly and we went back to my room (our smoking room was across the hall). The trip wasn't very bad at the time and we were both all for eating another gram a piece of the dried shrooms so we weighed them out and did so... and once more went and smoked two more bowls >.> . We came back to my room once again and decided to kill the quarter which was another one and a half grams a piece - this was about twenty minutes after the first gram and also when things started getting very weird.
   The whole trip is a blur but I will try to recall to the best of my ability of what all happened that night. I was sitting across from my friend who was sitting in what we called our "weed chair" where we broke down, weighed out, etc... I remember he started saying things like man what did you get me into which kinda made me paranoid as well; the odd thing is that he would say something like that and I would give a response which it seemed he couldn't process and he would just simply say "what?". This got on my nerves after a while because neither of us could hold up a conversation due to how bad we were tripping so I suggested we do something that we were both familier with such as playing Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox but he just kept saying man I honestly dont think I can at the moment and then the trip multiplied for both of us ten fold and massive paranoia set in. About this time I turned some music on and just decided to lay down in my bed and sort this trip out... which is when my mom walked into my room. She said that my father had something he wanted us to do which was impossible in our state of mind. She could also tell that we were tripping because our responses were short and not exactly thought out - I just kept telling her over and over to tell him that we will do it another day and she said that isnt going to work. Well, this made the already frightening trip go from bad to worse. My mom had always been fine with small amounts of pot as long as we kept it secret but from her own personal experience, she could tell we weren't just "high". She talked us into telling her that we had both ate an eigth a piece which completely freaked her out, which added to our paranoia.
   By now our trip had gotten insane. I remember sitting on the bed with my friend beside me but my arm was over my head and I just began to laugh because it was "stuck" and looked stretched out. At one point I was up against my wall just sitting there - it felt like I was falling into something very warm and all I could do was close my eyes and enjoy those few seconds of bliss. My mom decided that I should go over my sister's house which was about a hour drive and tell her what had happened because maybe she could help me and the state I was in. My mom drove my friend to another friends house for him to stay the night and then went to mc donalds... This was the most pleasent ride of my life - all of the paranoia was gone, the sun was setting, everything was just beautiful and wavy. It turns out that the day  mc donalds started serving purple straws was the day I would decide to trip shrooms - I am pretty sure you can guess how that went. I remember thinking that it was the next morning when we were at mc donalds because of how things had looked and how long the trip had seemed (this was only about an hour and a half in). I couldn't eat anything and I actually thought my mcchicken was attached to me... like another body part - this is the oddest thing I had ever experienced and it completely freaked me out so I just threw it in the floor board. When we arrived at my sister's she was furious and made me sit on the couch while she bitched the rest of the night - which was extremely unpleasent while tripping. I asked her if I could get on the computer and she said "I'm not going to fucking entertain you just because you are tripping on shrooms". I sat there and watched her crappy soap oprah but everything went gray on the television except for the people's shirts. I then got distracted by the picture on the wall to the left of the t,v. which was of my nephew. He started talking to me and climbing out of the picture and I just laughed. Everything started morphing so I tried to hide under the covers where I just began seeing things in the dark. When my sister got up I layed out on the couch and stared at the floor and swore it was the ocean and started waving my hand through it and drawing things with my finger. I don't recall anything after that but waking up the next morning feeling like shit. My stomach was upset for about three weeks straight, my entire family shunned me for the experience, and it is something I still haven't gotten over today. I can't even enjoy pot anymore after that trip... I simply always have bad trips. I can say I have done shrooms twice in my lifetime - the first and the last.


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