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Amazonian offer.

What a day. What a trip.

So a couple days back to me writting this I was offered, out of nowhere a half-8th of amazonian shrooms my friend grew.

I took up this offer even though me and people were planning to go drink some beer down by the river already.
I could of saved them but it was so long since I've tripped and I missed the experience and wanted them asap.
I ate them straight up with nuthing but some soda to wash em down in about 5 minutes.

After about 30 minutes when me and people were sitting by the river drinking 40z around 2pm. 
I noticed the river was a really bright blue with a swirling green tint.
I ended up pouringout most of my 40z cause I just didnt need anymore I was great

my friend (the guy who gave me the shrooms) asked if I was trippn yet.
I was memzmorized with the river.... and was like woah I believe so if the river is this intense looking.
and I knew it was starting cause I had one of the most amazing body highs ever, So numb and heavy but light. :)

Btw, I realized a river or any flowing water is one of the best things to stare at while trippin'

I had my other friend (paige) look at my eyes and she was like woah keep the shades on, dialated much?

Me and my friend paige ended up leaving the rest of our friends cause
for one I wanted to go on an adventure ^_^ and she had to leave. :(

While walking down this bike path the world around me was so intense and colorful...
Trees has that "breathing" aspect to them and the sidewalk had what seemed like lil digital paterns on it.
I had to stop and laugh randomly a couple times and my friend just couldnt understand me...

I walked with her to the bus stop and waited a lil with her.
but I was geting kinda paranoid being near so many people in the daylight with so much going on around me...

So I left her and walked back to this area in town called "the square" where all these people chill.
I stoped and said hi to the people I knew and they asked me what was wrong. I guess I was acting strange but I told them about the shroomz...

I ended up siting down on the pavement, lost in my own couciousness for a while.
I would walk around and sit somewhere else, talk to some people and repeat this cause I didnt know what to do with myself.
I tryed calming myself down cause I was overthinking the world and everyone elses actions and thoughts which kinda freaked me out.
I noticed others expressions and ways of saying things and catorigized them into differnt meanings...analyzing the people and world around me.

I was so far gone.

Ieven ended up blacking out...

I remember the world swirling and morphing around and then everything went white
i guess I stood up and just fell, hitting my head on the concret.
oke up right after to people around me like
"woah what happend?! what kinda drugs are you on??"

I was like what the f**k. Never have i blacked out like this.
Told them I just had the shrooms and a lil of a 40z...which I now believe was a bad combination, plus it was really hot that day and I could of had a heart stroke or something :/

I sat againts a tree after that whole event, I guess I hit my head hard and I had a lil cut on my forehead.
It was so surreal to me, still trippin I was lost in why I fell even thinking I tired to hurt myself or something...

My friend offered me a bowl to smoke so after that we left and went crusing in a car.
The marijuana helped me feel a lot better and more at peace with the world again.
Atthis time I was no longer getting the visuals as I was but I still had the mind set.

this experience I learned a lot. I can't wait till I get some more xD

You just gotta let them come to you...

Crazy shit yo. :)

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