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first and second time doin salvia

kinna disapointed.

ok so my first time tryin salvia i did it with a buddy and we padded my pipe bowl with a little bud and then threw in sum salvia. ha i took deep ass inhales. but i didnt actually feel it at first. we then went cosmic bowling with a few friends (we smoked behind a dumpster behind lilac lanes) that was intense. the most i felt from the salvia was first a few out of body feelings, then a few aduio hallucinations. tyhat was about it. but when  that wore off and i still felt the weed i still felt like i was having a different kind of high then jus a weed high (esspecailly for how much i smoked. im an everyday regualr toker ) so that did feel prety good.

my second time i was by myself home alone. i packed a bowl of salvia into my 3 perk bubler. this time i did amazingly deep inhales. about 4. by that time as soon as i blew out i felt it. instantly when i stood up and went back into my house i was basikly throwing myself around like when i would turn into my halway i like threw myself that way. it was like as soon as my brain thought about where i was going next my body juss flew that way. finnaly i went and sat down. i look at my mirror which in the reflection i saw my blinds, which appeared to be wavily breathing. i looked at my tv (which was off) and it was probly th triipyest part. it ws defently breathing. after that my trip ended.

maybe i did something wrong. so letme know, leave me a comment or msg me.
thnx fer readin guys.
-509 tripper

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