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first time shroomin

an eigth to myself,and a dub of bud..

alright so this was my first time ever shrooomin ive been phsyched to shroom fer a long time. but for awhile i couldnt find em and then when i could i had no cash.

so this night i snuck out of my house around 1, met up with my budd jaren, and then went and got one of my close female friends, beckka.
so we started out smoking 3 or 4 bowls then we walked up to a park thats only about 4 blocks from myh house. smoked two more bowls, then my friend chris called me up and said he'd match me a few bowls, ha and he happen to be with another one of my buds jake (the mannager of our local zumiez, so we smoked a few bowls with him and chris. ha oh and we ended up scraping my old skool metal sneak a toke that my dad gave me
(lmao right?) this thing had never been scraoed we loaded a bowl of blackberry kush and all the res from the sneak a toke. i was plenty ffucked up. then jake drove me back to the park where  beckka and jaren were waiting (fer sum reason they didnt wanna come,) the car ride was hella fun considering jakes got wicked sick bass, we were shakin the street, and the base was so clear, when yer baked and mobbin in his car. its hella sick. anyways i got back to the ppark. i decided to call up my dealer (who told me he was gettin me sum shrooms sumtime this week) he had them today. so we walked over and i bought an eighth, jaren bought a ten sack of bud, we smoked the weed and i muh-nched on my mushis. wihch ive got a heavy stomach. i hate beer. he only time ive ever puked was from beer bonging a few karonas (dont think i spelt that right) but that shit taste like pis. i can guzzle vodka. yet i cant drink beer. and i really didnt even mnd the taste of shrooms. odly it reminded me of the taste of pistacios X)
we smoked the rest of the bud. so i was pretty fucked up by now, im a regular smoker so i was able to get plenty of deep rips in every hit. then...my muther fuckin mom calls (oh. shit) i didnt answer. she called me 3 more times before i answered she flipped a shit and i went home, but a big part of the story is that ive been depressed ofr 6 years (funny thing is im only 15 and nobudy believes me when i tell em it) my mom like dedicates her life to findin "the answer" for all my depression. so she really worries hardcore about me. when i got home, at first she was pisssed, but she callmed down and we had a heart to heart talk and i really ended up not gettin in any trouble. she knows i smoke weed, both recreationaly, medically,spiritually (im buddihst and i meditate when im high, im also a rasta i believe bud can alos be an amzing expansion of the mind,)i recomend you guys tryin it actually, whenever i meditate i either go out to a forest or a hill, somwhere outside away from too many cars and houses. close my eyes, deep breathe and isolate all of the sounds around me in my mind. any car i hear, birde,the wind, people, anything. its actually a pretty great experience. ive had a couple buds try it with me and they actually liked it. plus after meditaitn i feel like im even higher. ha anyways sorry for gettin so side tracked,i started feeling the body hgih twards the end of my talk with mom. (she doesnt know ive tried any other drug than bud) shed litterlly murder me if she knew i tried anything else. she went back to bed. i went and laid down. listening to music. BUY SUM SKULLCRUSHERS or any over ear headphones whether your jus high or trippin its amazing. i use limewire and ive downloaded every idoser file i can find (which supposdely gets you "high using binural brainwave technologyb) it doesnt but it does feel and sound very intresting when your high, thizzin,or sroomin. also im into phsych trance music. so thats intense 2. i started feeling the musik disorintedate, i was txting a few friends. my phone started to actually look wavy, my vision kept tweakin more and more. i got so lost in my trip that i actually couldnot focus enough to txt right. so mi stopped. but the weirdest thing, was mwhen the light came off my phone i saw what looked like a boy sitting right next to my phone (he looked only like a foot tall) it wasnt skary at all, im not a person to get paranoid or sketched out ever. ha then for sum reason i thought i should try and go play c od. which didnt work at all. lol then b4 i went and layed down again i went and took a piss., which straight up felt crazy ha cant even explain it. when i went back and layed downm i got the intense feeling that i was falling thru my bed. i liked that haha. since i was in the dark i didnt get too many visual hallucinations but closed eye visuals were intense and unexplainable. especially when listenin to music. my eyes kept making swirling and waving motions. i ended up passing out around 530. i had an amazing experience. i plan on shroooming again this weeken. and i plan on robo trippin on tripple c"s soon. pretty stoked. thanx guys for reading trip story. leave comments or msg me.
take it easy,
-509 tripper

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