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3 cake tea and 2 grams

Everything was connected, and out of body

This is a little long, and starts slow, but towards the end gets alot better. Thanks for reading. Im happy i can share this mind blowing experience with others, and hopefull get responses back from others who have had similar experiences. If you can, please read all. Thanks again.

Ok, so the other night I was cleaning out my colonizing jars, and finally decided i had to do something with these 3 cakes that stalled and failed to fully colonize. There were 2 other jars which had been contaminated which i threw out, but these appeared and smelled healthy. I decided to try to make tea from them for the 1st time. I looked up how to do it on here (pretty self explainitory, but i just wamted to make sure i got everything right).

Anyways, so I made the tea with the 3 cakes and 4 cups of water, and drank it all myself. On top of this, I ate only about 2g of mushies (believeing the tea wouldnt work at all), and smoked some pot to ward away the stomach ache.

About 30 min in, i began to think, and started to worry that i took too much. Nothing i could do about it now, i thought, just wait it out, so i calmed myself down and called up a good friend of mine. (I drank the tea and at the shrooms in my apartment alone- not my usual, and i know its not good to do- but as soon as i got a bad feeling about taking too much, worrying, freaking out, etc, i called him up, explained all of the above, and asked if he could take me over to his place to wait this out.) He did, and was really understanding, and even got our tripping blanket out for me. (this blanket is amazing- its a maze of sheets when youred tripping... just completely amazing). I was still in the giggly, bubbly stage at this point, perfect for our car ride back to his place.

Anyways, so on the drive over, i was already feeling plenty of effects. It was the most amazing 5 min car ride ive ever taken. When we got to his house, all his roomies were in the living room watching tv, so they cleared a spot on the couch for me to lay down and shroom on. pefect. It wasnt the idea tripping couch- not as comfy as i usu look for, but it was a couch with lots of friends and support around so i could deal.

After another few min of watching tv, I lay down and one of his roomies puts on alice in wonderland for us to watch. For a while, everyone left the room- this was just enough time for it to begin to peak. I began to get sucked into the tv, as the room got smaller and smaller. Im not the one to freak out in these kinda situations- im always really good at just calming myself down and letting go of everything. Life is good. His roomie then comes back in after making himself a sandwich and starts to watch with me. Hes alwyas a really soothing presence, so i was doing ok. Not too long after this, he starts to eat. Every movement of his ripples across my vision, shaking up my whole world. Crazy. I almost wanted him to stop because i want sure if i could handle it, but i just relaxed, told myself everything was ok, and moved on. Shortyly after, Everyone else came back into the living room, and started to watch with me. At this point, i was too far gone to even attempt to move over for them to sit down. they understood tho- weve all been on crazy ass trips together and can feel these kinda things.

All of a sudden, a tunnel between me and the tv appears. Its like a swirling vortex of a black hole just between me and the tv. later i would describe this full sensation as having "mind sex with the tv". (when we trip together, we always end up talking with atleast one person really close, and it always feels like we had mind sex, thus the saying. I know someone else knows what im talking about with this one.)

A few minutes after this happens, I suddenly have this awful feeling/vision. I can see myself standing in complete blackness, just waving at me. Im moving/floating/walking slowly away from myself as I wave, as to say goodbye. My mind was basically saying, ok, this is as far as i go, Im now letting go- see you when you get back... if you get back. I had finally successfully found my limit. Once i saw this, i knew there was either going to be something really bad, or something really good to come. I knew death was a real possibility (esp if one of those cakes happened to be colonized by some other unknown mold). Oh well. Whatever happens, happens.

Breathing had become increasingly difficult up to this point, at which it stabalized and soon became easier.

I couldnt do anything but let go of everything- life, love, posessions, thoughts, ideas, dreams. I let the shrooms show me the world throuh thier eyes. I saw our reality through a different dimension (something i see everytime, but this time it was so much more clear).

Everything was connected. Every movement was connected. If one person would move, everything in the air would ripple in response. I could see and feel light and sound waves. Amazing, i thought. This is such an increadible experience.

About 4:50 am (almost 5 hours in), Alice in Wonderland finishes, and i feel myself return to reality just as Alice does in the end. It felt as though the shrooms popped me out of thier universe just as suddenly as i was taken in. Like my timer went off, and it was the end of my stay. It was so intense, and so sudden, my return to reality. I couldnt believe how long and how crazy my journey was. NOwhere in my trip did i even think of asking what time it was. It all felt like 20 minutes. All together too short.

I now have a new found respect for those little mushies, coupled with an even greater curiosity of thier world in that other dimension.

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