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Life-Changing First Trip

I NEED answers from experienced users!



Exploring Lakes, Landscapes, courts.....and golf courses

Need music to read this report? Sure thing, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugxFcmZXDyc

If you were to ask me to describe what I was feeling while I was under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms, I couldn't didn't tell you what I was experiencing. At the time, the trip was almost indescribable, an exploration into my own thoughts and others imagination that I could not express in words....

.But now I remember the trip, almost vividly....almost



The preparation of taking mushrooms, both mentally and physically, is an extremely crucial part in my opinion to setting up the right and enjoyable experience you want to get out of mushrooms. This mental preparation started way back on Sunday when my very close and trustworthy friend, who we'll call "E", proposed the idea to me about taking shrooms, he said he had taken very small amounts in increments over the period of about a week and felt only a small dizziness and this profound and ridiculous visual of being fixated on the moon, I found that statement absurd..I have always been enticed by the concept of mushrooms and I felt at this point in my life, an 18-year-old college bound student, I was mature, intelligent, and well prepared enough from years of smoking marijuana to experiment  traveling through my subconscious and rural imagination in and of itself. So I giddily acquiesced to his shroom- indulging proposition. Then we were in my living room watching the beloved shark week where E suggested that we should have an early night tonight seeing that we won't want to sleep tomorrow, viewing this as a logical idea, I went toes up that night at around 10:00 p.m.

The next day, Monday, I had work until 4:00, during that time I would constantly try to mentally prepare myself for that night, maybe due to my feelings of over-excitement, the day went by rather quickly, at around 6 I started heading towards my friends house, we met up at a park with run-down a little league field and a mediocre, blue looking playground with about 1 and a half swings and a worn out grey slide. If you sit on the benches, across from you is a very large and gloomy graveyard. About eight of my friends were playing wiffle ball there, a sport we don't usually play often at a park, we had some good laughs and fun wiffle ball, I got up twice and grounded to third and had a single...but this isn't what you wanted or came here to read about......some facts I want to point out before we fast-forward to the parts you want to read, because like I said, preparation is key:

-Apparently another friend of mine, "S", was going to take some shrooms as well but a very miniscule amount, about a strand(?) or two, this made me discouraged, since I just thought it was only E and I eating them. we also had two sitters, friends "K" and "Z" who wanted to "educate themselves" by observing us

-While "K"  "Z"  and "S" went put to buy delectable Mexican food. E and I stayed at his house and stuffed our stomachs to the brim with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, as we wouldn't want bad food to ruin our trip. We were eating, laughing and staying positive, almost overly euphoric. I changed into some comfortable clothes

-During our PB&J buffet time, friend S blew out his tire, after that endeavor, we advised him that he shouldn't take shrooms, due to the negative emotions towards the flat tire, he felt the same way

Final notes of people and stages of sobriety:

Me=taking shrooms

E=taking shrooms

S=smoking green the entire night

K=smoking green the entire night

Z=Sober the entire night

...let us fast forward to Crystal Lake, time: approx. 8:00 p.m.

Crystal Lake is located near my hometown; it is a very serene and compelling lake even when you're sober. My friends and I found this nice spot on a rock that overlooks the entire lake which t is surrounded by trees and near mountains, I say "near mountains" because they're essentially large hills. In the middle of the lake is an island that looks almost like a miniature jungle. At the rock,  E and I split what I think was an 8th but only took a small amount, I had 3 strands and two caps while E took 4 strands and 3 caps, the ingestion took about 3 minutes and almost immediately after we started smoking a nice Hawaiian Kush blunt.

I'm not a very heavy weed smoker, I've gotten down to smoking every one or two weeks or so, and I only smoke  with the closest of my friends. It's simple to say I felt the effects of the Hawaii yebba quite easily, I felt dizzy, fuzzy-headedness, and overall happiness, I was glad to be there, exactly where I was, on the lake, with my closest friends, taking about goofy and zany shit with them.

When Z was talking about how we should canoe out the island and throw a party, something very peculiar was happening to me; my heart was pumping at a adrenaline rushing rate, almost as if my heart was a convict trying to escape the cells of my chest plate. But despite my racing heart, I wasn't panicking, a pumping heart is a sure sign of anxiety, but no sign of nervousness came to me, it felt like this was supposed to happen, it was part of life, and it felt almost attune to my well being.

Then I was watching the flow of the lake, the water was swiftly moving from right to left, I was wondering if the current would ever change direction when suddenly, for a moment, it did, the water gradually shifted, going from left to right. It was brief but I was ecstatic about what I accomplished, then the current was going in both directions, the upper half of the lake flowing right to left, then bottom left to right, it was like watching two flat and very large escalators moving in unison. This tiny feat amazed me, and I started to slightly giggle, then I peered over to E who looked like he was feeling what I was feeling, he gave me sort of this euphoric grin and asked "how are you doing?" while providing a slight pat on the back. I told him I was feeling like I smoked three joints of just very good weed, feeling incredibly high, I was going on a rant of how acute sounds were at the time, I could clearly hear the sounds of the evening crickets crying in the night, the flight of birds, the movement of wind and water, the sound of our voices.  E agreed, he told me to listen to only the left side. I closed my eyes, and it seemed like the right side of my ear turned off, and only the sound of crickets remained on the left.

We remained at the lake for quite some time, longer than I thought, we were planning on eating and smoking on the lake then head towards a beautiful private golf course where E works at. There we could relax, think, and try to talk about life......to the best of our ability. At the course we furtively crossed the clubhouse where members were "living it up", I remember thinking about how the upper class with their well-to-do suits and dresses spend so much time and money trying to make themselves have a good time in there, while the best times are out in nature, where you can enjoy life with barely spending any money. Here I started to strongly feel the onset of shrooms and its effects. My thoughts were running wild but not ADD- like thoughts that occasionally come with smoking weed; I'm talking about deep, slow, insightful trances that make me reconsider what is reality and mere dreams. We were slowly gallivanting over the rolling hills of the courses' fairways and greens the grass felt spongy on my feet and the hills seemed to roll over me. My friend knew exactly where to take us, the 7th green which overlooks a small water hazard that almost looks like a reflecting pool.  We laid down on the green which felt like the most comfortable mattress I have ever laid on, I felt my body sink in and my sense of touch was elevated to a point I've never achieved before, in fact, all my senses felt like that, my hearing:  crisp, vision: sharp and bold as if everything was shaped perfectly, Touch: superhero like, not being able to feel my body, almost numb, nothing was in pain, scent: smells, were just smells only you could really appreciate the scent of things; they all have a distinct scent. Taste: at this point, I had only drunken water. There we were lying on the green, star gazing and laughing. E asked me if I could see patterns: "of course I can, I just don't remember the names of them are. So I'm just making my own patterns and names" someone  tell NASA to put "shroomacarmelladon"as a new constellation in the solar system.

EXPLORE! It was time to walk around the twilight lit golf course while smoked yet another blunt, E and I had a very strong urge to adventure through the wilderness, we didn't want the normality of things. We wanted movement and not a calm course of existence. We wanted excitement and danger and the chance to sacrifice ourselves for sheer pleasure. I felt myself in a superabundance of energy which found no outlet in our quiet life. Our adventurous prowess took over; we cut through woods and trees and had a stick fight or two, then walked to the highest point of the course. As we were walking I pointed out to E two over hanging trees and asked him if he saw it. E said he saw it, what he saw, I'm not sure of. However, what I saw was a planet of some sorts, like the circle you see on in-between the two circles of MasterCard, like this: http://www.pcwiz2u.co.nz/Areas_we_Service/Rates/Mastercard.jpg: try to picture the branches as the lines and the slightly orange sky as the background, that shape had its own breathing pattern and was zooming in an out of my vision, this elevated my emotions and I wanted to burst out in laughter, but I was conservative and said absolutely nothing.

HIGH POINT! On the hill we all decided to focus on this mansion that stood about 700 yards away from us, we were talking about how clear we all could see the house, even Z mentioned he can almost make out the house numbers on them. All my friends saw people moving throughout the house, I didn't see anyone, only shadow people outside out the house that I hallucinated, this visual was brief. At this point I established that focusing on things is what makes you hallucinate. Have you ever stared at something for so long that it starts to slightly move? Essentially, it's the same type of hallucination only when you're under the influence of shrooms you can make it disappear or shape or change the color whatever way you want it to. Of course, if you do not let your mind take you over.

 The human brain is probably the most powerful and efficacious structure of human nature ever created. The most brilliant and appalling ideas come from the mind. Everything you see around you was once a thought or an idea due to the human brain. Although sometimes, as you well know, you can easily lose control of your mind and things can take a turn for the worse. Once your mind conquers you, I believe you experience a very bad trip, you have to realize it is YOUR mind and YOU can do what you want with it, don't let it take you over! You're in control. (do experienced users agree with me on this??? ).

 Still on the hill, the mansion started to sink and expand right before my eyes, as I was fascinated by this, I remember going on a tangent to my friend Z about how coming into contact with other people while on shrooms is foolish, I didn't see the point to talk to anyone or anything else, other people did not matter. Though it may sound rather selfish, the truth is what I needed to worry about was ME and REALITY, we're tangled in as one, in touch with the real world but out of touch from the contact of other people. People seemed of non-existence, an example of this is I could comprehend what my friends were saying but I just couldn't talk, it held of no importance to me. Everything else seemed insignificant, nothing mattered, other people, houses, buildings, jobs, cars, cats, dogs, walruses, napkins, the fabric of time, the ways of life and earth just flat out did not matter. The only thing I cared about was the present and  exactly what I was seeing. My mind was functioning on this way of thinking: "This is what is happening right now! We're in the moment, the past is gone, there's nothing to care about in the future, what's going on right now is what you should focus on" And that's the key word focus: when you focus on positive thoughts, senses, feelings, or the unmistakable present, it all adds up to a pleasant trip........Z appreciated this thought, for this is probably the only thing I said that held significance in the night, other times I would just talk about mindless things and wouldn't even realize I was talking, it was annoying, I regret that but at the same time I just wanted to say things.

Despite my indifference toward others, I did value my close friends being there for me, even though they were not tripping. It's not like I was out of control or anything, but they kept my sane without even realizing it. I thought I would need them to take care of me, but to be honest, I think I could've handled it, they were just good company like always. I tamed my brain well so it didn't take over me. In fact, I handled myself so well that my friends started feeling sympathy for me and E because they thought we were not getting the full effect. The truth? We absolutely were, just at the time you can't describe what you're feeling, as hard as you may try, you will either not make any sense or come very short to what is actually happening.

We continued to walk through the course, seeing trees and trying to make ourselves see mushrooms, we both succeeded, it was fun. We went back to the reflecting pool, or the water hazard if you prefer. Never before have I ever seen anything so still and subtle. I could see the tree lining in the water thinking that even the greatest artist could not  paint what I'm seeing, black trees were changing shape then standing still in the water. After we stared at this for about 10-20 minutes or so, I wanted to throw a rock in, my friends agreed, we searched for rocks in the dark but since our friend E cuts the grass so pristine-like, we had trouble finding rocks to throw, finally, Z I believe found one and threw it in.....

You know that Jimi Hendrix song "Purple Haze"? Well if you don't, this is it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnFSaqFzSO8 once Z threw the rock into the water, it seemed like that song was playing in my head as I was watching the water ripple through. The ripples felt like they were pulsating through my body and stopped in my stomach, it felt like I was in Sharper Image trying out all the message chairs. Wanting another aquatic masseuse, I threw another one in, and the same pulse was happening while Jimi was still slightly rocking out in my head. I felt a strong urge to play my guitar. I thought, "man if I had my guitar I could serenade mother (nature, of course) and she would appreciate me for doing so." Then S threw what seemed like a boulder into the mini waves, as I saw it fly through the air I said NOOOOO but to my content, it actually looked really cool, all the water splashing up in the air, it almost looked cartoon-like and seemed like the water would never stop jumping out of the water, then suddenly the splash froze for a few moments, a second later it splashed down at lightning speed like someone put the fast-forward on, and then disappeared, another significant hallucination, the strongest one thus far. The water tranquilized, Hendrix ended, and we were on our way back towards the car and ate more shrooms.

LOW POINT: Riding in the car, such a boring and skull numbing endeavor. No, I didn't trip or see anything alarming or scary, I didn't see anything at all for that matter. I resented sitting in a car and driving, I looked towards S and told him "Driving isn't Fun" he responded with an inquisitive "No?"  Then gave a reassuring nod. I did not see the point of being in a car; it felt like I was in the same position forever, constantly on the move. I hated being in the car, trapped in and out of touch with the world, I wanted to be outside. I wanted nature....no, I YEARNED nature, I felt in touch with nature and everything in it, I understood the ways and motives of the trees and animals, me and nature were one, and nothing else mattered, as metallica would say.

In the car I tried focusing on buildings and houses to see what would happen, but we were moving too fast. Sadly,  I wasn't feeling the shrooms affects anymore, or even being high. I felt pity for some reason.You know when you smoke  a bowl but you're kind of upset over something so it doesn't even feel good to smoke?.....yeah that feeling, it seemed moronic, I wanted more adventure. That's all I have to say about cars....Then by a miracle or because everyone was bored we decided to play basketball!

Ballin' at the courts: upon our arrival, E and I had more shroomies then said somewhat subliminally that we're finishing the whole bag tonight, although I didn't give an answer, I agreed that we should. I'm experimenting for the first time and I wouldn't know the next time I would do them, if even a next time. I wanted to experience it all, even things that scare the shit out of me, I just wanted to explore, just needed to know more, "shroomies, please, open up your doors." That was my psychedelic logic at the time, and turned out to be the 2nd best decision of my life (gotta keep the 1st spot open). Basketball was interesting to play, I actually questioned the concept of basketball and how such a simple idea of a sport became an economic dynasty. This brings about the classic cliche,  "Why didn't I think of that??" We played 50, if you don't know what 50 is, here are the rules (not of importance, but for your education): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rules_of_basketball Since the overhead lights were shut off on the court, we put E's high beams on and played on the other side of the courts (genius idea!). Playing ball was a blast, I don't really remember much of this part besides seeing drooping faces and E saying how he was seeing small geometric shapes forming in the woods next to the court. I thought that was compelling but didn't really express my thoughts. I also remembered that closing your eyes is a crazy shroom experience, so I closed my eyes and the after images of the lights turned into 3-D faces. One face kind of looked like Jack Nicholson, the other an Asian man?? I saw some 3-D shapes as well, I spent the good half of 6 minutes with my eyes closed, creating miniature multi-colored shapes and moving faces, a feat I have never done in my life......ever.  At some point I almost won fifty, then we were all  mesmerized by our friend in front of the lights of E's car, he looked like a silhouette with a golden aura around him, "like he was prepared to walk into the after-life, right at the pearly gates" it's very hard to describe, so he looked like this(Picture basketball in hands): http://ransackery.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/04/couple-silhouette-edit.jpg The funny part about all this? I thought my trip was done in the car, that riding killed my high and it was over, the distinct feature about shrooms is the outdoors or doing something active in fact exacerbates the experience, when you're bored, it calms you down.

E felt the same exact way, when your outside you feel rejuvenated, like you were jumping into a pool after a 10-mile run, I was outside, and hallucinations returned.....huzahh! (does anyone agree with this statement?)

 After our basketball session we decided to finish the bag of shrooms right at the courts. While consuming our old world view I gave S a dollar for no apparent reason.....the concept of money didn't make sense to me.

Then returned into the shitty ass car, K and S (Z went home at this point) asked us where we wanted to go, we did not care whatsoever, just go somewhere, I told them rather rudely, "Just make decision! In life you gotta make a decision so do it now, you can't just go living under the commands of others." Instead of going to a place, we decided to blunt cruise. I think I smoked in the car, I'm not sure, I smoked more that night than I probably ever had in a month. Ultimately we were in the car for probably an hour, very bored, for some reason no one was talking, that annoyed me. Even though I couldn't conjure coherent conversation (say that 5 times fast), I felt like someone should talk, so I went on ranting about God knows what....probably trying to describe how tripping felt. Nevertheless, a very uneventful car ride and again diminishing my high, the only remotely entertaining thing was listening to music, I listened to music in an entirely different manor. I could focus on one instrument or instrumentals and not even hear the lyrics, or I could do the opposite and listen to the lyrics which sounded like a capella.....then again focusing on just the lyrics was hard to do. I have an even more extraordinary appreciation for music now, music can change your soul....That was the only cool part of the car ride, let's move on

We stopped at a McDonalds and sat in the parking lot which means in the car, he parked just across this lightly wooded area where a wall of trees and plants surrounded the parking area. This is a significant part of the night because this is the very first time where E said "I"m Trippin'" then bellowed out a hyena-like giggle. The day after E said he was focusing on a branch with just one yellow leaf on the top, then that yellow leaf turned into an army man and then the wall of leafs surrounding the army man turned into a castle, E thought to himself, "I'm in the castle"  then everything disappeared and returned to stable leaves.......all at once......yeah I'm in disbelief too. As for me, the only important visual I had was watching plants and saying, "The plants are saaaaaaaad" then they would slowly droop to the ground, that kept me amused while they ate.

We left the parking lot shortly after everyone was done eating their rat fecies, or food as some Americans would say.  Since S had a blown tire, we had to stop at 7-11 so that he could retrieve his car and fill his tire with air. As S was filling up his tire me and E were still in the car, bantering about something when finally I exclaimed, "Being in the car sucks!" "I've never hated my car so much in my life, let's get the fuck out of here!" E replied, and almost in a rush we jumped out of the car and all at once we were back outside feeling jubilant and almost invigorated by the sweet summer air, we were at peace once again. Then I decided I wanted to go into 7-11 and asked E if he wanted to accompany me, he kindly said, "Let's go explore" so we valiantly trudged into the store. Once we got in it felt like we were transported into a new world, the colors were vivid, the air was chilled, and everything seemed pure. Me and E were like 2 kids at a toy store, laughing sheepishly and had a sudden extreme sense of friendliness towards everyone in there, we were fascinated by all of the colors in there. Now I don't know if 7-11 decided to change the lighting of the store that night or what but I felt like a painter came in and painted florescent colors on all the products, especially orange, blue, and red, I remember watching the chip rack and the bags almost had an illuminating glow to them. E was softly saying, "The colors dude, the colors!"  . A convenience store never looked so awesome, it was a domestic-produce playground minus the sticky employees, scary clowns, and creepy old men. I felt somewhat lucky so I bought scratch tickets, and I won three dollars!!  A false sense of luckiness you say? Well I usually never win so I was quite excited, I utilized my three dollars and bought a 7-11 trademark: the slurpee. I barely paid any attention to the flavors and focused on mixing colors together,"yellow with blue make green, then I'll throw orange in and it will be a purple color!!' then lo and behold, a purple mofriggin' slurpee, I was so anxious about trying my new creation I started drinking it right away, it tasted like a fruit cornucopia crushed into a liquid, but my guess is that it would taste the same if I was sober, it was that delicious. Our adventure was over in 7-11, evidently S had left while we were in there and now me, E, and K decided to head home....but not before we burn yet another blunt at the place where this night began......

K parked E's car in front of his house and we walked to the little league field again, we sat on the bench and the moon was directly in front of us, I've never seen E so happy. A half moon was out that night with a slightly colored orange tint to it, a few clouds surrounded the moon but they were not obstructing our view of the moon. We started smoking and I finally concluded that smoking will intensify the trip and E basically read my mind and said what I thought out loud. I felt a connection with E there, like we were on a different level of intelligence than K or anyone else the entire night. I remember E telling me at the lake he was going to ask what color I felt like later on, he never asked, so I said it, "I feel navy....".immediately he knew what I was referring to, "Yeah I feel like a bluish navy color too,I feel like (me) and I are blue while K is a green" "Why do you think I'm a green?" "I don't know because your just different right now" At first I thought he said green because he was smoking weed the entire night, which was part of it, but he explained it to me more in depth by saying that K was just not feeling and seeing what we were feeling and seeing. He was not  "on our level" of extreme thought if you catch my drift, it makes a whole lot of sense now, he was a green, we were a blue, think about it.

This is the point where the shrooms came in full force and the part I believe where your brain says "Alright, you've been trippin' for a few hours now wanna see some crazy shit????" and whether you're ready for it or not you will indeed see that crazy shit. I felt like my spinal cord got pinched, like my brain was revolting against me and then all of the sudden.....here.....we.....go.

We were all staring at the moon while we were smoking, hypnotized by its ghost-like glow, then out of the night sky I saw a white dragon in the clouds, the moon as the eye, E saw it too. For some reason I looked away briefly and E angrily said "I'm not scared of anything it's my mind creating all this I can do what I want with it!" So I looked back at the moon and said to myself "I see a cat" and sure enough the clouds formed a cat before me, I laughed hysterically. I tried again, "I see a dragon" "I see faces" Now the moon has a face, "THE MOON HAS A DAMN FACE" I yelled, and E and K agreed "I see the face too" said E, K exclaimed, "dude this stuff is freaky." I absolutely loved it; the moon's face looked EXACTLY like this, except the face and half moon was on the other side: http://kazuya-akimoto.com/2008/2008images/IMG_7861_Human_Face_on_the_Moon.jpg (I spent 20 minutes looking for the perfect image, this is the closest interpretation I found.) Then I saw the three little pigs to the right of the moon, this was the clearest and strongest hallucination I saw all night, it beat out the frozen and fast forwarding water splash. The three little pigs actually looked cartoon like, as in what some people describe on this site. They looked like they were running towards the moon, the middle pig got to the moon first and opened its mouth very slowly as if he were trying to eat the moon, then the hallucination vanished and the clouds were gone.

Think of cloud watching while you're sober, if you have ever taken the time to do that: Think of how you point out clouds and say a cloud looks like or strongly resembles something, for example: you say it looks like a horse, sure enough you visualize a horse. Essentially, we were doing the same thing except on shrooms it's more animated. I looked away from the moon for a while and thought to myself, "What other things can I create with my mind?" So I stared into a window of a small house about the size of a shack and tried to picture someone in the house. At this point in time it is about one in the morning so chances are the person occupying the house is sound asleep. However, I saw a person leaning in and out of the window, thrusting back and forth, this was reoccuring, like I was watching a ghost stuck on repeat. Then I felt so bold that I tried to make a stop sign disappear from my mind, this didn't really work, it only turned a slight gray color mostly due to the fact it was dark outside; I persevered on this little conception for a minute or two and then gave up, my actions were proved futile. Feeling a slightly depressed about my failure to make things disappear, I looked down at the ground before my feet where shapes and tiny monsters started to form below me and then the word "PRESENT" was written in the ground, as in a gift or a moment in time; "present." It was astounding.

We decided to finally head home when E stopped me in my tracks and told me to ask the moon "why." So I did the most logical thing to do in that moment and asked the moon kindly, "Why?" I wanted to know why all these things can happen in our minds and wanted to know truth. After staring for a while, I felt like the moon was offended by the question, as if it were saying "Your really gunna ask that question right now? I'm the muthafuckin' moon!" and the clouds started shaping evil images, a combination of satin and the Greek god Hades forming in the front, turning a dark velvet color, somehow E slipped into my consciousness and saw somewhat of the same image apparently, and we were both freaked out. So the moon never answered me, perhaps it will answer you when you trip, ask the moon why. I have never been so engrossed on the moon before........E was surprisingly right.

When we got to my friend's house not much happened there, I stared at myself in the mirror and had slight hallucinations of me having a full black beard, my hair is brown. We watched the music video of "Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden, watched the natural hallucination on youtube, both videos changed my perspective of the world. Finally, I took off my glasses and everything started to turn grey and droop quickly. E suggested that we go to bed since it was three in the morning at this point and he had work in three hours, this seemed very reasonable to me, but I still wanted to stay up. However, I felt tired as well and had a slight headache. I put on my iPod and slowly drifted into sleep. I don't think I had dreams that night, as I expected, my brain had to be exhausted from constructing visonaries all day that it could no longer create images for me while I was unconscious, I forgave him. I heard you have crazy dreams the night after so I'm very excited about that.....

Overall, I still view the experience as life-changing. I do not know exactly what level I should place this trip but I believe it's in between a level 2 and a level 3, like a 2.8. Maybe experienced users could help me put my trip in the appropriate category.  Before I took shrooms that day I told my friend, "This is something I want to experiment with then probably never take again." But I don't think that is accurate anymore, I need to go back to my psychedelic consciousness, there are questions still needing answers, things I want to see and do, I want to experience it all. I want to be able to uproot trees and place them somewhere else, I want to create 3-D shapes out of road signs then float on them, I want to paint houses a different color, I want to go to six flags(mad people), I want to see someone else in the mirror across from me, explaining how the world works. I also want to see the negative and terrifying experiences from shrooms, I want to see demons surround me and try to tear out my soul, I want to see silhouette wolves run and attack me, I want the moon to try and abduct me, I want to see the world upside down, then laugh about it all knowing my brain is making all of this shit up. I felt like I've only seen a quarter of what mushrooms can actually do, and I don't think I will be done until I can safely say I've seen the two polar aspects of experiences; I'm well aware there is a realm of possibility of what mushrooms can do to you but until I am at bay with my answered questions and extreme visuals, I'll be satisfied with them and probably never take them again. Eventually, they will destroy your brain if taken in abundance.

I don't know if there's such thing as OVER-preparing for ingesting shrooms but I probably did over-prepare, I was conscientious of what I ate, what I wore, what my attitude was, what my emotions were, and what I was thinking about before I took mushrooms, but I think that's what made for a great trip, this mental and physical preparation about what I was going to do.

It's now the day after and I have a totally different view of life. I am a generally friendly and helpful person; that experience only intensified my love for others and life. E is always saying now, "There's so much to live for!"I agree, It is the experiences, the memories, the great triumphant joy of living to the fullest extent in which real meaning is found. The mind is beset on all spectrums of reality, whether good or bad, deep trances happen all the time, yet we are all so concerned of what happened in the past or what will happen in the future that we never take time to live and think in the moment. On mushrooms I lived in the moment, the past no longer concerned me and I lived like I had no future, I was there, in the present, walking side by side with the "now" of life; which hypothetically "opened my eyes" to the real world. I found meaning, and I will never forget what else I found that night. Take my advice, go live, go love, go EXPLORE, take magic mushrooms.

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