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First Time 5 Grams HORRIBLE

Cant really remember it al

OK. So first let me feel you in on my drug experiences and a little about me. So, the only drug i have ever done has been pot, and im still torn on if i like it or not. Ive been smoking that on and off for about 6 years. The reason im not sure if i like it is because i get super paranoid really easy! I hate not being in control of a high and normally when i get high i dont want to be high anymore. So with that said here is my experience with shrroms. My girlfriend, her sister and her boyfriend all wanted to do shrooms and after about a week they finally talked me into doing them. So i asked my friend if i could get 20 grams from him 5 for each of us, by the way i dont really understand grams, ounces, 1/8s etc. Also i did not know if 5 grams was too much to take or not, but everyone said thats what they had always taken so i said what the hell. Bad idea. So we went to walmart to buy some stuff for our trip. Cornstarch, explosion markers, skittles and some OJ. so when we got home we took the shrooms right away. I was already nervous before i took them and my friends tell me thats probably what made my trip so baaaad. OK, so i took them and about 15 minutes later i felt just slightly different, i wasnt sure if i was thinking about it too much or what, so i went to my room to smoke a cig (we are in my basement by the way). When i get in my room the radio was on and when i heard the way the music sounded i knew i was trippin or high or whatever. Its so hard to explain how the music sounded but if youve done shrooms you know what im talking about, so hearing the radio i was like this is cool, i can handle this. While smoking my cig i was looking at the carpet and it looked like an ocean it was waving and looked pryramidy too if that makes sense, like pyramids mixed in with the wavy carpet. While i was smoking my GF came in and asked if i was okay and i was like yeah this is cool babe. By now maybe 35 minutes went by. So we went out to the living room and and they wanted to play wii. While there were playing the wii thats when i really started to feel it. It was so hard to look at the TV i remember getting pissed off because it hurt my eyes and plus i was kind of scared because everything was moving all wierd. So i went to smoke again and came back out and had them put a movie on, i wanted to watch something that wouldnt freak me out like a real movie like wedding crashers or something cause i just wanted to feel normal lol i was already hating the feeling. They ended up putting on over the hedge or something like that some cartoon movie. So we stated watching that and during the movie i sowly slipped out of myself, i was laing with my GF on the couch and felt like i was melting into it or transforming into the couch, i remember i told her i was scared and i ooked at her and she looked evil, like slightly deformed but not too drastic. Then we layed on the floor and i felt like i was part of the carpet i felt like seeing them step on the carpet that they were actually stepping on me, and i could feel it. I kept seeing like different shit like a  catepillar and my GFs sister was green, i remember that she was so green. While i was on the floor it felt like my basement was all smashed into a little box, i mean my basement is big and it felt and looked like everything from wall to wall was smashed in one room, like i kept looking around to check that the rest of the basement was there lol, and it was but everything was so close to me. OK, so i got scared and started SEEING sounds and it hurt! Like WTF, that scared me and the more i tried to change what was happening the worse it got. People we talking and i could see it, they werent like letters or nothing but animals and shapes, and i remember that when they would talk it would hurt, like they were crunching my face. So like i said i got scared and went to lay in my bed with my GF, i told her sorry for ruining her night and to stay with me PLEASE. So we are layin there and i look in my closet and say fuck im gonna die, and from there it all went to SHIT, it was horrible, the worst thing ever. From there i dont really remember what happened but will try my best to explain. I remeber going to the bathroom and looking in the mirror and i looked normal, so i was tryin to pee like i had to really bad but this person this white person wouldnt let me unzip my pants so i just peed my pants LMAO seriously. And after i peed the pee(im wearing jeans by the way) felt like glass like i was walking with glass in my pants, i remember it felt crunchy. Then i heard a crash and thought that i broke the mirror i thougt i punched the glass, then all these thoughts ran through my head like i thought i killed my brother and his kids that were upstairs, i thought i was covered in blood and could swear i had a huge piece of glass in my hand. I kept thing FUCK man what did i do, i could hear peple crying, i thought the cops were here, and i was really freaking out now. Then i remember like this white person showing me around the universe saying that there is no god but i will be happy after i die cause ill be how i want to remember myself when i go and ill still have feelings and have my family. I was gone by now i just remeber like time traveling seriously but like in different universes? The one thing i remember very well and this is what i hated the most, i kept re-living getting out of bed and walking around, shutting the light off and saying "is it over yet" i seriously re-lived that for what seemed to me to be like YEARS, i never thought i was gonna come out of it, like i was just so gone and crying. There is SO much more stuff that happened but i really cant explain it or remember it too well. FINALLY i got out of re-living that shit and thought my GF was eating me. I just remeber my body hurt so bad and thougt that all my teeth were broke out. So after not knowing what was happening to me i went out to the living room. They were messing with corn starch and i asked them if they were real(they told me when the trip finally ended) i touched all of there faces and asked if they were real. My GFs sisters BF asked me to touch the cornstarch so i did, after him asking me to about 30xs. When i grapped the starch i got scared i thought an opctopus bit my hand and wouldnt let go, but a person not high or tripping would know that it was just corn starch flying all over my basement walls and floors because i threw it or atleast tried to get it off my hand. SO ANYWAY, i end up being in my bed naked and just snap out of it? NO come down no nothing. I told everyone that we were gonna be ok and were gonna be happy after death. Oh and my living room was trashed, corn starch EVRYWHERE, skittles EVERYWHERE and i guess i did it. But, yes i honestly believe after reading about a level 5 that this was definitly one of those experiences. The defintion of it i fel i lived word for word. I was not myself and i was just GONE. Please comment and say what you think. And no, i will never do Shrooms again.

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