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First ever amazing trip

first ever trip...and just wow!

So let me start off by saying there were alot of steps I went through before I went on my well...."Journy". I have wanted to try shrooms for a while now(2 years), and i have always been curious about the facts and effects on shrooms.Some of my friends told me its a very spiritual journy, some said it was just another drug...others even said it made your brain bleed and thats what causes the hillucanations. So I wanted to do some research on shrooms so I didnt think to hard while I ate them. After about 2 years of reading up on them, I knew I was ready. Before I did them I wanted to make sure I had a very peacefull enviroment, and just the right music to hopfully take me on the trip I was hopeing for. Me and 12 other of my buddies went up to wasaga beach(In Toronto, On) and we rented out a cabin for 3 nights. Out of all 13 of us, only me and 2 other of my friends ate the shrooms for the first time. It was fri morn, it was 5.00am, I wanted to watch the sunset and sit on the beach while I ate my shrooms because I wanted a very relaxed and peacefull enviroment, so around 5:30am me and my friend where ready to hit the beach...but our other friend wanted to sleep in, so we left without him. When we got the beach we sat down took a deep breath, watched the ocean and then had started eating the shrooms. To be honest the shrooms tasted like the horse shit the grew from, but I some how ate 6 Gs of shroom stems raw, while my other friend only had 2Gs. After eating all of our shrooms we walked back to our cabin and we had this big and beautiful tree on our property, so we posted up on a couple of chairs, plugged in our ipods, and put on our head phones and just looked at the tree. About half hour into have ate the shrooms I had been listening to Pink Floyd - Comfortable Numb...and boy if you never understood the meaning of that song, you will when your on shrooms because I understood every word and every detail of that song. As the songs going my body is feeling very tingly and I had very uncontrolable laughing...my friend was asking me what I was laughing at and I simply told him I was laughing because the lead singer of Pink Floyd was talking to me in the song...as soon as saying that we BOTH start to piss ourselves but only I was actualy crying while doing so. About 15min after that my friend started to walk away and I continued to stay posted up at my tree...as soon as he left I felt as if I was light as a feather and I should tree walking around. So I walk inside my cabin, it was about 6:30am and I saw two of my friends just wakeing up, I sat down to one of my friends and he asked how was my trip...but I couldnt answer him....maybe it was becuase his face was moving up and down while his nose continued to grow bigger and bigger...so that tripped me out hard so I walked into my room where my other friend who had also done the shrooms was laying down, he told me to go away and let him be...so I took it he wanted to enjoy the trip on his own. I left the room and went to the washroom and I looked at myself in the mirrior to see if anything would happen....but nothing. So I left the cabin and I went back to my tree to sit down...AS SOON as i sat down....DONE....I felt as if my spirit had left my body and drifted around the cabin. I walked around the cabin with my ipod on...it was playing The herb Garden- Shpongle.....let me tell you that song never end! The song was going on so long for some reason I ggot my ipod and bit it as hard as i could...but the music wouldnt stop, so i sat down and looked at this fence which had seemed to be moving...i saw a fence beyond a fence. About 5 min later I take off my headphones...but the music was still playing! I unplugged the ipod...nothing...so I buried my ipod hoping the music would stop, but nothing! So I walked back to my chair and for some reason I moved it up against the cabin and just sat there. I remember looking up at the sky to only seeing very vivid and bright coloures as the tree was growing more and more and it had a very bright green coloure shine off the tree...noty to mention I herd everything very perfict and my song was STILL PLAYING. I started wondering if I would have ever get back to reality becuase I felt as if I was in another world and I had been there for 3 years. About 4 hours later my friend comes outside to only bring me back to reality, and having all my problems solved to asking me how my trip was. I looked at him and said, you would have to do it to understand what I had went through. I went to another relm of peace and quiet, and any5hing I was thinking came into clear vision and it was some how answerd right in     front of me....If you look at my display picture that is the exact same thing I had saw while on my trip. Now I could go into more detail about my trip but i would be going on forever as like I told you before...I was not in reality for what seems to be 3 years:)

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