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Magic with freinds

After weeks of waiting my freinds and I finally got hooked up with some shrooms.

After weeks of waiting my freinds and I finally got hooked up with some shrooms. We all go to the same highschool in a small comunity. It was a friday and me my freind Kun,(not real names)Sim, flex, and shanack all went to the fort we built called "C-Tree". Let me explain what C-Tree looks like; You have to duck down through this bush for about 10 seconds and then you are inside this place surrounded by trees and overlooking a 200 foot cliff with the ocean down below. There was only a limted space to walk around but there was enough for us to hang out and talk and stuff. Anyways, we went inside and we all ate 1/8th of shrooms each. We washed it down with some orange juice we brought down and it tasted pretty but the orange juice helped and before I knew it we had eaten all the shrooms. We sat around and talked and then all of a sudden my mom calls my cell phone like 5 minutes after we ate them. Luckily I had no effects yet and was perfectly fine talking to her. I decided to climb up a tree and look at the ocean. All of a sudden it hit me. I was looking at the ocean and I saw all this seaweed on top of the water. It looked like big lizard people floating on the water and I got really scared and thought they were going to kill us. I ran off the tree and was like telling everyone how these lizard people were going to kill us and then everyone got really scared. But then all of a sudden I started bursting out laughing. I couldent stop laughing because everyone looked so funny. When I started to laugh then everyone started to laugh. It was great. I started to look around C-Tree and I relized how beautiful nature is. I couldent belive how wonderful it looked and I went for a hike. I studied a flower and was in absolute shock how beautiful it was. All of a sudden I thought I accidently walked off the cliff and I screamed really loud. When I relized I hadent I looked at the ground and it looked like I had fell into a pit full of Jello and thought it was sucking me down below. It was really hot that day so we went to Sims house because his dad was away on a trip. We went into his room and turned off the lights and started to listen to the Dead. Once again it sounded so beautiful and for the first time the lyrics made alot of sense to me. I just lyed on my freinds bed and triped out hard to the Dead. About 3 hours had past and I was still triping really hard. All of a sudden one of our none druggie freinds called us and told us about a party tonight. We all got really excited and started to dance and sing and stuff. It was really funny and in a way brought us closer togther. Right when it got dark we started to drive to the party. Everyone had come down a little so we decided to rip a few bongs hits. That was great and all of a sudden I started tripping really hard right when I walked into the door. There were soooooo many people I couldent belive it. When I was inside every person said hi to me and my ego got really big and I felt like the coolest guy in the party. Then all of a sudden I saw her. It was the girl I was like in love with and she liked me to but we hadnt started anything yet. My heart started pounding really quick and the weed/shrooms made me relize how much I really liked her. Right away she knew what I had done and was very upset at me for doing shrooms when I said I wouldent. She told me she wouldent talk to me that night because she was mad. Man did that give me a bad trip. I saw her leave with these 2 guys and her freind and I almost died. I got really depressed and wished I hadnt done shrooms. It was onr of the worst feelings I had ever had. After she left I became a wreck and became really sad. My night was looking like it was going to suck. About 15 minutes later she called me and told me she was sorry and she over-reacted. I told her that I really liked her and wanted to be with her. She agreed. The feeling that came over my body was over-whelming and I became the happiest guy ever. I was soo happy I started to dance then I got yelled by some senoir fags who had just came into the party. Me and my freinds decided to leave the party and go to the beach and just look at the stars. We left and went to the beach and I just lied on the beautiful sand and looked at the stars. A feeling of peace ran through my body and if you havent looked at the stars you should because they are truly magical. It was getting close to my curfew so I drove home. I lied in my bed and couldent help smiling. Shrooms were really cool and they brought me and my freinds a wole lot closer togther. If you havent done it I suggest you do but remember to do it with your best freinds and try not to talk to the girl you like because they can give you bad trips.
Mad Max

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