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Second trip

Facing my demons

After trying shrooms for the first time I had to have more. I bought 6 grams from a friend and planned on taking them at college the next week. I waited until my roommate left for a day and took an 1/8th at about noon on a Tuesday I think. I laid down on my bed and watched some baseball until the effects started to hit me. The tv started getting brighter and more distorted until I couldn't focus on it. I also had a really good body high from this batch. The visuals didn't seem to last very long at all, or maybe I just lost track of time. The thing I remember most about this trip is what the mushrooms forced me to confront. I hadn't been attending class 100% of the time and I felt terrible about it. I also had like 2 B's that made me feel bad haha. I also hadn't chosen a major and I kept telling myself that I had to do something that was important to the world like medicine or engineering. I was so ashamed of myself that I grabbed my literature book and attempted to read it. I had planned on reading it start to finish, no doubt a side affect of the shrooms. Of course I couldn't concentrate long enough to get anywhere haha. All these thoughts were so depressing that I decided to do things that I had heard were good for bad trips. I cleaned my room and that helped. After that I took a shower. For anyone who hasn't done this while tripping I really recommend it. The visuals were amazing, I felt like I could see every drop of watter. After showering for close to an hour I went down to my friends room. We hung out and walked around campus until my trip wore off.

Even though the trip was depressing it was an amazing experience. It actually jumpstarted me as far as studying and attendance go. It also completely altered my outlook completely and I cherished life much more after that, especially the week after the trip.

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