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cannabis freakout

first time freaking out on cannabis

alright, so i'm what i would consider a moderate-heavy user of cannabis. ive been smoking daily for about a year now and have always had very enjoyable experiences with cannabis. i have a very good  friend whom i purchase my cannabis from and it is always of very high quality. my tolerance as of late has been quite high and i have been considering taking a toke-break. today i purchased some new strain of cannabis my friend had, it had no specific name. it smelled fruity at first with a pungest after smell. it was covered in trychs. i purchased 2 grams to smoke between 2 freidns and myself. we ended up rolling 2 joints and proceeded to smoke. i wasn't feeling that high so i laid down and began some simple breathing meditation. soon i felt as though i was moving, like speeding down a highway. but i knew i was laying down, feelings of anxiety started overwhelming me sporadically. then they became a constant, i thought about death and feared it. how we cannot escape it. ive feel a bit anxious when smoking cannabis before, but this time it rivaled the anxiety and fear i felt on my first high dose shroom trip. and to my suprise i was getting vivid CEVs which i have never had while smoking cannabis. the two friends i smoked with reported a very mellow high from the cannabis. it seems weird because i can easily out smoke them any other time. 

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