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pink rubber walls

One of my 1st trips occurred a couple of days ago, with some friends M & G in cardiff.

One of my 1st trips occurred a couple of days ago, with some friends M & G in cardiff.i had just days b4 driven a carful of buddies to the top of the caerphilly valley, and between us found around 2000 Ps.mexicana. after they dryed up we set a date and one nite chillin in M's room we BOSHED. we had 87 (random?) each and had afew toots. then some wierd shit began to happen...
i couldnt feel any life or energy in my left arm which was holding a spliff, finding this strange i reached up to touch my nose, but my whole face was numb. sitting in a crowded room of non boshers as well as me M and G, i decided to keep my thoughts to meself and calm down.
i looked up at the wall opposite me which was lit by a neon lighted clock which cast a soft purple glow over the wall. crazy spectrums of perfectly coloured light started appearing in the air and gliding around me, with windin black zigzags painting themselves on the wall.M told me his blue spotlight was looking at him,craning round i c everyone else had disapeared as if by magic. Looking at this blue light it occurred to me that it wasnt light but water, and it started whirling like a whirlpoool spinni spin. at this dramaTIC juncture i looked to G and to my ABSOLUTE HORROR saw him continually gyrating his groin to the beatmusic playing.
i must add this was not a hallucination, and continued for the best part of an hour. you learned to ignore it. G later explained that it was the only thing that was keeping him on the planet. anyway
i needed the toilet, so cautiously stumbled downstairs through rooms that were kind of zooming in an out at me in. reaching the bog i couldnt help but pick up the toilet roll which, purest white, had a distinct red and blue outline. stayed there a while.back up in M's room the walls had turned into shiny smooth pink rubber texture and the corners of the room vanished b4 my eyes.still lots of spirals spinnin in the walls. forgetting my trip was unique i began tellin them bout the rubber walls which they found amusing. i shut my eyes and what looked like fat tabby cats dressed in sailor uniforms smoking pipes were clinging onto the inside of my eyelids, zooming across and around as i shut my eyes (?)we were all wasted,i could no longer skin, i couldnt focus and was talking all about what i could see, most memorably the "lizards and leaves" .As i tried desperatly to text the mrs.theletters were all different shades of black; greenish blueish reddish. i gave up with that, and stared back at the walls, which would continue to keep my entire colourfully patterned attention 4 the next 2 hours.
oh yeah
ps. the bed was a magic bus.
means paragraph break....... i think. hmmmmm,

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