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First eighth ;D

my 10th mushroom trip, and 1st trip off an eighth :)

All together I've shroomed 10 times, the first 9 being doses that have ranged from 1.5-2.5gs, never really had the guts to take a full eighth. I never really trusted my thoughts and didn't want to have a bad experience. I have always respected shrooms, and even before my first trip I respected their concept. Using my first 9 trips to prepare myself, I thought, "it's the big 1-0, might as well put some meaning to it!"

Every trip that I have had has been a wonderful one. I've never had any negative or uncomfortable experiences while tripping, which I am very thankful for.

Soooo anyways it's #10 and I'm ready for my trip. My boyfriend shroomed with me, on a half eighth. We both ate our doses (I chopped mine up and swallowed it all with some juice, finishing 90% of my 3.5g) and then went into my backyard to spark a blunt. It had been approx. 40 min since I took my dose and was already having moderate visuals (which was a surprise to me, it usually takes about 2 hours to start feeling much). As the minutes passed, my visuals rapidly grew more intense, and in a 10 minute span I was seeing the most colors and most movement out of any visuals I have ever had. I put my head inbetween my knees and just watched the movements and colors dancing on the ground, only sitting up to hit the blunt. Admittedly, I was almost overwhelmed by this unexpected rush of sensation, and thought I'd be able to reach a better mindset by laying down. So, after we finished blazing, I suggested we go and lay down on my parents bed (my usual place to trip, very comfy king size bed, and a very tall ceiling which makes for better visuals, in my opinion). My boyfriend agreed and so we got up and went inside. On our way upstairs, I noticed 2 blurred people in my peripheral vision. One was wearing a pink shirt, while the other one was wearing green. When we got to my parents room I threw myself onto the bed and watched the walls. I was so amazed at everything! I had never had visuals as intense as this before. Colorful lightening dots floated around while neon lines flashed randomly. I repositioned myself so I could look at the door way, which struck me as something similar to what Disneyland might have. The door was morphing and waving around, transparent walls of blue and green tinted my vision while purple dots danced around the doorway. I remember laying on the bed with an amazing body high, but at the same time felt uncomfortable with how my body was lying against the bed. It didn't feel right, like it wasn't in place. I felt just laying there was a struggle and continually had to catch my breath. This was not an unpleasant experience, just something new. Finally my thoughts drifted away from my fight to lay down "correctly" and just went off in all the new dimensions of my mind the mushrooms opened up for me to explore. Laying there for about 2 hours was like ecstasy to me. I am an intense thinker, so Shrooms really do my mind good. I don't remember all I thought about, I just remember coming to a few conclusions, but do not remember what they were about, unfortunately. My boyfriend, only being on a half eighth was getting bored laying down for that long and suggested we go see Avatar the Last Airbender, obviously not realizing how hard I was tripping. I let him know he was crazy for expecting me to get myself up and haul myself to the movies, but got up anyways and told him I didn't want to see the movie in my condition (partially because I feel like watching television on Shrooms is a waste of a trip) but would go downstairs with him. as I was getting up I saw 2 faces appear and then disappear as soon as they came in the wall across from me. I found this amusing and as I was walking downstairs I saw the pink shirted person again in my side vision. After we got downstairs I went straight to the fridge, (I suppose which was muscle memory consdering I wasn't hungry) and opened the door. For a few seconds I thought I was watching myself do this and was a little shocked, for that was the first account of that happening to me. Feeling satisfied by my trip I closed the door and sat down at the kitched counter to twist another blunt, and found the rest of my Shrooms laying there, which I excitedly ate with no food or drink which is different for me because I can't stand the taste or texture of Shrooms, but I was trippin so it was all good to me. The last of my shrooms provided me with a small but noticeable boost to my trip. I continued to my original plan of twisting the blunt. I did this with difficulty but finally finished and was proud that I was able to produce a decent looking blunt while still tripping pretty hard. We both went outside and turned on my iHome which was on shuffle. My backyard look absolutely brilliant with vibrant, almost neon green grass, bright, colorful flowers and a never ending blue sky with just a few marshmellow clouds. This was the happiest part of my trip. I notiecd that every different song changed my mood a little to match the tone of what we were listening to. My happiest mood was while "Alice" by Pogo was playing. My backyard grooved to the music and it was a perfect setting :) we sat out back for a while and my trip gradually ended. I usually get upset as the trip ends and wish that I had more to consume, but this time I didn't mind as I crept back to reality. I love that instead of feeling like shit while coming down, (like I do on Ecstasy) Shrooms just put me in the best mood for the rest of the day and sometimes having a noticeable uplifted mood the day afterwards. AND for a week or so afterwards I experienced very noticeable, but mild visuals while sober, which intensified when high, which I was very excited for. Ever since my first trip my eyes have gained extreme sensitivity to light, momement, shadows, colors and often see many things I cannot identify in my peripheal, which I find very amusing.

Overall, it was a wonderful trip. It wasn't as intense as most people made it out to be, but I rate it a 9.5/10. I substracted the .5 because of my struggle to try to be comfortable while laying down hahahah. But I just want to share that I was very pleased with my trip, and glad I prepared myself with the first 9.

My advice to anybody who is planning on taking shrooms for the first time, start with an easy dose to handle (about 1/16, or "half eighth") and do a satisfying research of the drug before hand! Out of all of my friends who have taken Shrooms, close to none of them had completely satisfactory first trips except for me and I believe that it was because I had prepared myself of what to expect, and was able to watch it all unfold while I tripped. Also, a trip is what you make it! If you have a bad feeling coming on, change your setting, put on some peaceful music, do whatever you feel will change your mindset. I personally practice my ability in changing my mindset while high, which has worked for me in placing myself on a good one while tripping.

Happy tripping everbody, I hope my report provided some insight to fellow trippers, or atleast an amusing read :)!

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