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Best. Birthday. Ever.

First "real" trip on shrooms as a birthday celebration

Oh my god. I have read a lot of stuff about mushroom trips and visuals and such, but I've never actually experienced many intense visuals.

Saturday night was different. We were both in a great mood. We'd just come home from an awesome dinner with great friends. My girlfriend, who we will call Sarah, has had a history of having bad things happen on her birthday; and we were really excited with how well these celebrations were already going.

We got home and made some final adjustments to our lounge room to make it suitable for the events about to take place. We then divided up the mushrooms. We weighed a really thick shroom that had a little one growing out of it as 3.1g, so she ate that and I had the rest, which were all small. She just munched hers down like a trooper, but I ground mine up and drank them down with orange juice. I found the best way to dose it was to put an amount of ground dried material in my mouth and drink it down like a pill or something. Only a couple of chunky bits got stuck and caused some worry; everything else went down fine.

We then turned on some Tool, sat down on the blanket, played a few games of backgammon and smoked a few bowls while we were coming up. Conversation was light and there were many times when the game would stop due to laughter. We both started to feel the effects coming on after the first game, and that made the game a little harder to play. It came on fairly strongly and we knew we were in for something. By the time the third game started, everything had a fuzzy outline and trails were starting to form whenever something moved across my vision with any velocity.

We then cleared away the backgammon board and Sarah took all of her clothes off. We had initally intended to watch a movie first; but she's the birthday girl so I followed suit and we lay down on the blanket in front of the fire.
Time ceased to exist. All was warmth and softness and passion. My body felt like it had merged with hers and we were experiencing the same thing, while still being separate entities. Every time I closed my eyes, my vision would be filled with multicoloured fractals. From triangles to what looked like aquaducts to all sorts of other images continuously repeated and pulsing with vibrant colour changes. It was fascinating, and I'd get lost in them for a moment before once more becoming distracted. After having the most mind blowing sex I've ever experienced for approximately an hour and forty-five minutes, the phone rings.

This put a rather abrupt halt to the procedings and my first reaction is to un plug the phone line. Sarah then spends the next twenty minutes or so stressing about who could be calling at 11:45 at night. She had gotten a new mobile phone for her birthday and she realised she hadn't given one of our best friends her new number and he knew we'd be tripping so it might have been him. She sends him a text and sure enough he calls back to ask what we're up to and if we were up for a visit. He also mentions he just got this amazing indica strain called Midnight and he'd like to show us. We tell him to come on over and he says he'll be 45 minutes. While waiting for him, we chill and do our own thing. I play colourful arcade games on the computer while Sarah listens to some music and messes around.
Our friend calls an hour later and says he had to pick his drunk brother up and do we still want him to come out? We tell him to come over, and he arrives a while later. It's now 1:30.

The weed he brings is amazing, and we toke and talk and trip balls for a few hours. There is such a good relaxed atmosphere, and while my external visuals have diminished, my CEVs are still going fairly strong; if not as vibrant. He stays til about 3:30 and when he leaves we're both pretty tired, very stoned and still tripping but we want to finish up from where we got interrupted from hours previously. To cut a long story short, we have some nice rough sex for an hour or so and then she falls asleep. I stay awake for a while longer, listening to some music and reflecting on what an awesome night it's been. I finally collapse at around 6:30 in the morning, well content and exausted.

It's taken a day to recover; but what an amazing experience! Mushrooms are so amazing, I can't wait to take them again. I've probably missed a lot out and I apologise for the wall of text but I hope it was amusing.

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